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Number 746, November 24, 2013

Like I said, the world is run by idiots.

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Re: "Gun Charity" by Paul Bonneau


I have been doing similar for years. I will ALWAYS take a neighbor shooting. AFTER a range and gun safety class taught by yours truly. ANYBODY, no matter how vigorously they have supported the latest Victim Disarmament law, can grow a brain, however small. Once the brain forms, it can be nurtured and grown to full size, leading to a possible fellow traveler.

I always start with a single shot .22 and iron sights, but the first day we move to repeaters, and finish with a .22 revolver and my Woodsman. I will teach ANYONE, any age, sex, sexual preference, skin color, or political leaning. The SOLE self-imposed requirement I maintain is that I NEVER teach them or show them that isn't "legally" owned or anything that smacks of the "Banning Flavor of the Month" until they have shown that the weather change in attitude has set in to permanence. I don't need a gun grabbing asshole knowing what guns I have to grab. One thing I never do, though, is lend a gun. They can BUY a gun from me, following whatever pseudo-legal and totally unconstitutional rules that currently exist. Lending a gun does keep the gun technically yours, but it does NOTHING to protect you from a lawsuit for the damage "your" gun "causes" if they misuse it. I will also happily take them to the local guns shops and aid them in selecting an appropriate weapon.

I agree wholeheartedly that we should not discuss politics (other than a quick review of the 2nd Amendment and applicable local laws they must comply with) until THEY bring it up in a questioning manner. Especially since I tend to be rather impassioned about the entire thing.

I liked your article, and ask for permission to seed it and expand upon it in other venues in which I tend to write.

I would have responded personally, but the e-mail address included in the articles is not valid.

Neale Osborn

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Well, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings—or at least the thinker of bad thoughts—but these inhuman bastards always look for the easy way. And by open and explicit Yoonie declaration, they want 9/10 of the world dead. So why should they bother to have gunfights every block and a half as they rip through a town when the town can be rid of its "vermin" (that's us) with a little gas, a handful of designer pathogens, or a blast of neutrons?

It is difficult to convey the degree of reluctance with which I say that I see only one solution. It may wet the panties of every electoral pacifist among us, and every "Voluntaryist" and "Agorist" who thinks he's too good to dirty his soft pink hands with politics, but the undeniable truth for this particularly dangerous day and time remains. The only way to control the government is to _become_ the government.

That's why I wrote Down With Power, an assault rifle of a book. No law-abiding citizen needs that many pages.

L.Neil Smith

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Light Thoughts on a Saturday Night

In Starship Troopers (the original novel) Juan Rico comments that the secret to happiness is getting enough sleep. I was reminded of this by a news report on ABC that lack of sleep is a cause of depression, not a result. at the very least insomnia exacerbates depression. Lack of sleep also interferes with the dream cycle which causes madness. Some people express madness as acts of violence.

An explanation why so many mass murderers were people on psychoactive medication? Perhaps these meds caused insomnia and/or interrupted the REM leading to violent madness? Perhaps getting off these mads had that result?

Secondly, let us postulate an anti psychotic medication lacking in negative side effects. Fair warning to tyrants who might be tempted to use such a medication to keep their subjects from rebelling. If a true anti psychotic med is ever developed, it would only block people from doing crazy things. Rising up i9n arms against a tyrant is perhaps one of the sanest things people can do.

Light thoughts on a Saturday night.

A.X. Perez

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