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Number 749, December 15, 2013

Whoever controls the Moon controls the
Earth and everything and everybody on it

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Re: "Let Them Eat Cake" by L. Neil Smith

...his ruling is a rank obscenity, not because it has anything to do with sex or with marriage, but because it attempts to force an artist—the composer and sculptor of beautiful wedding cakes—to employ the full range and power of his creative energies against his personal convictions.

To a storyteller like me, who has had to confront many forms of censorship during his life, it would be like being forced to write a book extolling the splendors of gun control, taxation, conscription, a U.N, selective breeding program, and culling nine tenths of the human race.
I wouldn't do it.

I'm not sure I could do it.

I could.

Most certainly, I could. I could write it, no problem. And make it utterly damning in the process. I'd take it as a test of my abilities.

As for this celebratory centerpiece, even were I a believing Christian (as I am not), I could surely have all sorts of other religious true believers coming into my bakery to lay upon that bit of baked goods all the direst curses and evocations known to their respective sects. I'd definitely bring in Satanists, and I'm sure I can find folks schooled in the Chthulu mythos to call up the attentions of the Great Old Ones.

Every kind of malediction, every kind of ill-fortune, every kind of essence-of-hatred and evil and horror would I bring to bear upon it before and after the icing goes on, and the finished product would be made to look slab-sided and stark and faintly nauseating, as the baker's art can make it if the effort is sincere.

Maybe with a nice Twinkie element in there, in memory of Harvey Milk.

In physical content and taste it would be entirely wholesome and flavorful, perfectly safe to eat.

But would anybody at that wedding reception want to take so much as a nibble at this coerced confection?

"I mean, are you sure they didn't piss in frosting or something?"

Just for a little extra fun, call the recipe "Baker's Surprise."

Rich Matarese

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Americans In Space(?)

Please check: Spaceport America

In the 8 December, 2013 TLE L. Neil Smith published the excellent article "The Mandarin in the Moon". Brethren and Sisteren,we have two choices:

A. The American people return to space in significant numbers and settle on the Moon. We can do this by means of free enterprise (yay!) or government involvement (unenthusiastic yay). We'll probably end up doing a mixture of both.

B. We follow Mr. Smith's worse case scenario advice involving knee pads and learning Mandarin.

I much prefer option 1. Ventures such as Spaceport America are a start.

A.X. Perez

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