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Number 750, December 22, 2013
"You may not think that the fundamental right
to be a drooling moron has been enshrined in
our nation's Bill of Rights, but it has."

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 5 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, Renata Amy Russell, Paul Bonneau, A.X. Perez, Wes Carr, and Ann Morgan

Another Message From The Publisher
by L.Neil Smith
I apologize to my readers that I don't have an article in this edition of L.Neil Smith's THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE. I'm hours away from finishing another novel, and I'd like to get it done in order to enjoy a splendiferous, politically incorrect holiday with my family. Heinlein said that a real writer ought to be willing to work on his birthday or Christmas, and accordingly, I usually try to get in a few hundred words, but I always wondered what Mrs. Heinlein said about that. However I didn't want to let a different occasion pass without an observation or two. You see, I'm getting fed up with fascists and fools.

My Perfect Christmas
by Susan Callaway (AKA MamaLiberty)
1950 was a hard year. My father died and my mother was left with two small children. She was a "housewife" and had no particular marketable skills. She also didn’t have any family who could help her much. She was a recovering alcoholic and suffered from severe depression. Not a pretty picture.

A Thought Experiment for Minarchists
by Paul Bonneau
Thought experiments are useful little exercises for discovering new truths, and they cost nothing but a little time to do. The results can be significant; Einstein discovered the Special Theory of Relativity through thought experiments having to do with lights on trains.

Minority Report Card
by C.D. Michel
In its annual publicity stunt "report card," the Brady Campaign released its gun control grades for states. The states that have adopted the most gun control laws promoted by the Brady Campaign get the highest grades. Points are subtracted from states that allow people to use guns for self-defense, and from states where concealed carry licenses are liberally issued.

"Hang your head and Cry"
by Sean N. Gruber
The national anthem is a beautiful song. I don’t suppose those first shivers sent down my spine by Jimi Hendrix’s guitar will ever be totally forgotten. I’m fairly certain that others reading this had that same reaction to Jimi’s Woodstock performance. But as I think back on it now, I can’t help but feel betrayed. (I suspect Jimi felt the same way at the time of that performance and that is what the magic he captured actually represented.) Maybe it’s kind of like that first time that you realize your parents have lied to you.

Third World Problems
by A.X. Perez
One of the local radio stations (KLAQ) occasionally does a news commentary/comedy sketch entitled "Explaining First World Problems to a Third World Citizen." Most of them are basically "Gee, it's tough being rich" stories. However the title of the skit inspired the following....

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 256
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 256 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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Merry Christmas/Zagmuk/Solstice/Younameit!
And God/Great-Spirit/UnmovedMover/Younameit Bless us every one!

And Tiny Tim too ("Tiptoe....")

As usual, here are some things you really should read:

Gun Control in the Third Reich
by Dr. Stephen P. Halbrook
Link is to a review of the book, and a reprint of the book's Introduction
[Read More...]


The End of Private Property in the Era of the American Police State
by John W. Whitehead
If the government can tell you what you can and cannot do within the privacy of your home, whether it relates to what you eat, what you smoke or whom you love, you no longer have any rights whatsoever within your home.

If government officials can fine and arrest you for growing vegetables in your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, installing solar panels on your roof, and raising chickens in your backyard, you’re no longer the owner of your property. If school officials can punish your children for what they do or say while at home or in your care, your children are not your own -- they are the property of the state.
[Read More...]

And if you didn't get around to it last week, please go and read:

How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter From the workplace to our private lives, American society is starting to resemble a police state.
by Chase Madar
[Read More...]

More and more people are figuring out that our sweet land of liberty has turned into a police state. Now, we can't have a police state without the cooperation of the police, and they seem happy about it. So the question becomes: what are we going to do about it. The only solution we have found around here is to elect people to public office who will repeal laws wholesale. But we'll have to elect a lot of those kind of people. And do so in the face to hysterical opposition. Sounds like a major pain in the ass doesn't it. Almost as much of a pain as living in a police state? You decide.

To end on a positive note, get a load of this:

Found: The secret of looking up to 40 years younger is chemical that rewinds the effects of old age and can make you look 20 again
by Emma Thomas
Harvard Medical School made the discovery
A protein found in all living cells called NAD could be the key
They are also exploring whether it can be used to treat rare diseases
If all you want for Christmas is to be 20 again, it could be possible one day as scientists claim to have found the secret to eternal youth. Experts believe they may be able to turn back the clock as much as 40 years after identifying a natural compound proven to rewind the effects of old age in mice. A protein found in all living cells called NAD could be the key to slowing down the ageing process or reversing it altogether.
[Read More...]

I'm ready for rejuvenation! I'm more than ready! It's about time!

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