A Note to the Women of India
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Number 752, January 5, 2014
"Only you can help yourself.
That's why it's called self-defense."

Welcome to Idaho
Welcome to Idaho
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The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 5 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Jeff Fullerton and A.X. Perez

A Note to the Women of India
by L.Neil Smith
We used to have a saying in America: "Nobody ever raped a .38". I say we used to have it. Not many folks actually say it any more, not because it's been discredited, but in the 40-odd years since it was coined, it has gradually fallen into the category of self-evident truths. The same 40-odd years have taught us a number of other things, as well. One is that it's better if the weapon in question starts with a .4. But another it that when you need it, any gun is better than no gun. These thoughts, and others like them, will be new to many of those I'm addressing specifically today. I'm unsure whether most Americans even know that young Indian women are being attacked and raped by large groups of men. They will often be attacked more than once, and if they report it to the authorities they risk death by being set afire.

2013: One Era Ends, Another Begins
by Thomas L. Knapp
Well, we're about to wrap up another year, so it's time to throw out my dual nominations for "The Most Impactful Person of 2013." The envelope, please? And the co-winners are ... Edward Snowden and Satoshi Nakamoto.

Movies: Mind Over Money
by J. Neil Schulman
A recent article referring to my forthcoming in 2014 movie, Alongside Night, as a "low budget film" frustrates me, knowing that the major studio blockbuster creates in both movie-going audiences and film writers expectations regarding film quality. Labeling an indie film such as mine "low budget" before an audience has even seen it in a movie theater perpetuates prejudices against independent films, and gives the establishment movie studios a powerful weapon against an entire industry of indie filmmakers like me in competition with them for theater venues, retail display space, and—ultimately—the gray matter behind the eyes of its audiences.

Wrong Answer
by A.X. Perez
I won't swear to it just yet, but there were only 9 murders in El Paso, Texas in 2013. maybe a tenth if we count one shooting by the police. There were also three justifiable homicides by police the same year, maybe four, depending on what went down on possible murder number ten (murder or righteous shooting? Only God knows).

Least No Flesh Be Saved Alive
by Jeff Fullerton
A few weeks ago I submitted a letter to the editor pertaining to Neil's article "Mandarin in the Moon" which arrived too late for the next edition. The more I thought about the issue and what I written—I was kind of glad it didn't publish—least the world think I was some kind of frothing at the mouth "Kill em All—Let God Sort em Out" warmongering Neocon! And I hoped that Neil or Ken didn't get that impression either. I don't think they did.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 258
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 258 of a weekly cartoon series.

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