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The wages of moderation are political death.

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 38
by Neale Osborn

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Happy New Year!! I've got a LOT to talk about, and not a lot of time. So, let's begin. I have returned to work, so my time to tippity tap on the keys is shortened when the weather sucks, because this is plumber's weather—frozen and broken pipes make me tired as hell and colder than I'd prefer..... but that has NOTHING to do with guns, does it?

Gun sales hit record highs in 2013. [Link] Duh! The Washington Times ALSO informs us that ammo sales are likely to soar in 2014. IF we can find it, you can bet your ass it will sell quickly, especially due to the backdoor assault on the 2nd Amendment Obama and his EPA lackeys have begun with the closing of the last lead smelter in the US. And another backdoor assault is the ever-increasing bans on lead based ammunition for hunting, which will ALSO lead to hoarding. I know I intend to hoard it— especially .22lr.

The disgusting POS state in which I reside has had a small part of the NYSafe Act overturned. [Link] Of course, the fucking idiot called most of it Constitutional—I guess he never actually READ the 2nd Amendment. NOWHERE does it say the states can infringe upon the People's Right to Keep and Bear Arms in order to "further the state's important interest in public safety." He's obviously read a different Constitution than I have. But he DID rule that the 7 round limit for magazines is unConstitutional. He called the limit "an arbitrary restriction" that violated the Second Amendment. But then, he goes on to say :

"...whether regulating firearms is wise or warranted is not a judicial question; it is a political one," he found that Mr. Cuomo and lawmakers had acted within their bounds when they drafted the gun laws, and specifically cited the Bushmaster rifle and 30-round magazine used in the Newtown shooting.

"Of course, this is only one incident,"
Judge Skretny wrote. "But it is nonetheless illustrative. Studies and data support New York's view that assault weapons are often used to devastating effect in mass shootings."

He said that the gun law "applies only to a subset of firearms with characteristics New York State has determined to be particularly dangerous and unnecessary for self-defense; it does not totally disarm New York's citizens; and it does not meaningfully jeopardize their right to self-defense."

Dunno where in the Constitution it says it's alright to restrict (infringe) upon the RTKBA as long as you don't TOTALLY disarm the People. I just finished re-loading my magazines to capacity....

Another judge has driven another nail into Chicago's slew of laws they passed in their attempts to keep the Windy City at the top of the murder rates lists. [Link]

A federal judge on Monday overturned Chicago's ban on the sale and transfer of firearms, ruling that the city's ordinances aimed at reducing gun violence are unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Edmond E. Chang said in his ruling that while the government has a duty to protect its citizens, it's also obligated to protect constitutional rights, including the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. However, Chang said he would temporarily stay the effects of his ruling, meaning the ordinances can stand while the city decides whether to appeal.

Of course, as usual, he failed to actually strike down the laws— he IS, after all, letting them stand, giving ShitCago time to appeal the decision. This is the latest court case to attack their attempts to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. If you remember, the SCOTUS struck down the ban on firearms carry in Illinos, and stripped Chicago of it's "right" to force all permit apps to go through the Chief of Police, in 2010.

Sheeple in Connecticut line up to surrender their rights by January 1st. Thanks to Connecticut's new laws, people are being forced register their high capacity magazines and many types of (falsely named "Assault style weapons" or face felony charges. [Link] Why they comply, I don't know. Good little Germans, complying with the Nazis gun registration laws, can tell you why this is a bad idea....Oh wait, the German Jews can't, nor can German Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Gays, Slavs, etc. They were all slaughtered after they complied. Wake the fuck up people— these laws are unConstitutional no matter which black-robed vultures foolishly try to rationalize a way to declare them Constitutional.

"Holy crap. Looks like Weimar Germany," Twitter user @votermom said of the photo.

"Another disgusting picture from Connecticut . . .men waiting in line to register guns with the government," user @chipwoods commented.

"First, they came for the guns," @PaulRReyes added.

"Life is too short to live in a state that does this to its residents," Twitter user @lancemfisher declared.

My thanks to all of you who have sent me multiple links to these stories. Gunny, RC, Neffy, and others have sent me several of these, and I appreciate them all!

In his "A Note to the Women of India," noted science fiction author, Libertarian activist, and self defense consultant L. Neil Smith recommends to the women in India facing a culture of rape, gang rape, and repeated rapes arm themselves. [Link] I suggest we go farther than that. Let's take the firearms taken from criminals (NOT confiscated weapons of law abiding citizens who violate unConstitutional laws prohibiting possession of same, but armed robbers, murderers, and other REAL criminals), surplus military handguns, and all the various weapons the police departments are getting rid of as they re-arm (more on that in a later rant) and ship them to India and the Middle East, so that these helpless victims can shoot a few rapists, honor killers, and other useless scumbags. Juarez, Mexico could use some, too.

We used to have a saying in America: "Nobody ever raped a .38". I say we used to have it. Not many folks actually say it any more, not because it's been discredited, but in the 40-odd years since it was coined, it has gradually fallen into the category of self-evident truths. The same 40-odd years have taught us a number of other things, as well. One is that it's better if the weapon in question starts with a .4. But another it that when you need it, any gun is better than no gun.

Then again, maybe India needs to arm it's own women, and we should give these guns to OUR women. no, they aren't experiencing gang rape/murders as is becoming the norm in India, but there are enough female victims in America that we DO have a place to put one HELL of a lot of weapons before ever shipping even one to a foreign country....

Mama Liberty is hard at work, tippity-tapping on the keyboard, working on her latest book, so she sent me a link to an article from one of her faithful minions. [Link] Enjoy it.

So Baby Don Andrew Cuomo has the nerve to ban firearms for la Peones, and now we know why—he's surrounded by assholes who have NO CLUE about firearms safety. [Link]

The Cuomo administration has a serious, potentially deadly laser pointer shortage. That's the only way to explain a report from the Albany Times-Union that Jerome Hauer, the state's commissioner of Homeland Security & Emergency Services, used the the laser sight on his handgun as a pointer during a presentation in October.

Now, if an NRA official, a Republican party member, or a gun rights activist did something this fucking stupid, it sure as hell wouldn't have taken 4 months to make the news, would it? But wait, it gets better!

Hauer had a stroke a few years ago and "can be unsteady," the Times-Union adds. Also, he isn't legally allowed to carry a firearm at work. It's a violation of the state's Public Facilities Law.

I have suffered a stroke. And it took me 4 years before I considered myself safe enough to begin the process of applying for my CCW and taking training again (which I passed with flying colors). If I were "unsteady" with a gun I wouldn't be carrying today. And despite my total opposition to the firearms laws of our state and country, I NEVER carry where I am prohibited from doing so. It's not worth the hassles.

I'm sure I've missed a lot, but damnitall, I've been really busy. Keep the self-defense with a gun stories coming, I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do with them, but it will be fun!!

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