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Number 754, January 19, 2014

There are pro-freedom people,
and anti-freedom people. And
the mostly-pro-freedom people
are actually anti-freedom people.

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1) SHOT Show: Target Shooting Puts $10 Billion into U.S. Economy Annually

2) Oil Question

Just heard the charge made on the radio that the political opposition to "fracking" is being financed by "somebody in the middle east". Anybody know anything about this?

3) Re: No more Nirbhaya: Nirbheek revolver launched for women safety—

Unfortunately, this 19th century design costs around $2000, is available only to licensees, is chambered for a feeble cartridge, and is manufactured by the Indian government. The caste system wins again. Can't have them untouchables able to defend themselves, now, can we?


L. Neil Smith

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