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There are pro-freedom people,
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When Hell Freezes Over: Addendum
by Jeff Fullerton

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

After publication of my last article "When Hell Freezes Over" I realized that a neglected to attach the pics of my endeavor to procure enough BTUs to get me through this coming cold snap which is descending upon me after a rather pleasant week of mild weather in which my heating system has effortlessly kept up- which is always a big help in conserving my dwindling stocks of firewood!

Earlier this week I got my chain saw running again and started cutting down small stuff to keep the fire alive and slowly worked up the nerve to fell a few medium sized wild cherry—Prunus serotina- which next to oak and elm have good BTU content and are ideal for the really cold nights. I burnt up most of the first tree already and the second which I felled Friday will get me through a few more nights. I have my eye on another one which might last me a week and tomorrow—which is now almost here—I will try to take it and a few more others down with help of my friend "The Historian" who is also my mentor for these kind of things. I am hesitant to take on the bigger trees on my own out of safety concerns on top of the fact that a second set of hands is good to have in a pinch—especially when the blade gets pinched during a cut! As did happen that evening.


Luckily I was able to rig a lever with another log and pry the trunk apart and then hacked it the remainder of the way with my axe. Then the trunk could be rolled around and cut up. By then dusk was descending and the cutting was getting more difficult. It looks as if the blade is getting dull and I will have to change it out with a spare—of which I have several.

cut logs

After rolling the pieces down to the furnace I loaded up again- mostly with junk wood and one remaining big log from the first tree. Then retired for the evening for dinner and then to write.

logs & ax

Was going to pay a visit to my friend up on the mountain and see if he could help me change the blade—but a rapid burst of snowfall which blanketed the ground and my car precluded that plan. We will have to do that in the morning before we start.

logs & ax

So attached are the pics promised. I will try to end a few more through the day to include this issue. If not—then in a future issue. This subject matter pertaining to Man's struggle against the elements is worth more treatment. It has me thinking about the importance of appreciating how we gain BTUs or food calories from our environment like in the one of the proposed Tom Paine Maru sequels in which the kids work their way from island to island and upward from a Stone Age level to a modern technological capability. Who knows—that could be the model for a future bootcamp for turning moochers into productive class freeholders!

Must keep it shorter than usual because I have been up most of the night working on that article on extrasolar planets that I promised both Neil & the editor. To make it really good as opposed to half-assed will take another week—and I really need to catch a few winks before my help arrives as it is never much fun burning the candle at both ends—and not safe either working with things like chain saws and falling trees!

Yesterday the ground was bare and I even had to shed my coat for a while! It was a "mild" low 40s / high 30s. Now the ground is snow covered and it was down to about 14 F with a projected high of 22 F. What a difference a day makes!

The greenhouse always makes for a nice retreat this time of year!


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