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Fracking and Foreign Rat-Fucking
by Richard Bartucci

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

In The Libertarian Enterprise Number 754 (January 19, 2014), publisher L. Neil Smith posted:

Just heard the charge made on the radio that the political opposition to "fracking" is being financed by "somebody in the middle east". Anybody know anything about this?

In response, while I admit that I've heard a few rumors about money from the Sandbox going to fund various "Watermelon" pressure groups and leftard politicians wailing and legislating against deep-shale dirigible drilling, fractional casing perforation, and hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") as a means of extracting methane - "natural gas" - and liquid crude petroleum from the bearing strata at levels far below those economically exploitable prior to the combination of these technologies developed over the past twenty years or so, I had read a great deal more about such hostile influence being exerted by the officers of Gazprom, the allegedly private-sector corporation that had simply subsumed the Soviet Imperial natural gas production industry in 1989 as a functional monopoly still largely owned directly by the Russian government.

In the later decades of the Soviet Empire, exploitation of the petrochemical feedstock reserves within the boundaries of the old kingdom of Russia became possible by way of Western extraction and refinery technologies purchased or stolen by the Communist corruptocracy then in power, and deals had been negotiated with the countries of the European Common Market to sell them liquid petroleum and natural gas by way of pipelines crossing the Empire's western satrapies to connect with the recipient pipelines built by energy companies in the EEC countries to feed their markets.

I remember a political cartoon by Jeff MacNelly back then, which showed two parts of a massive pipe being brought together, from the West by an aggregation of high-tech heavy machinery - and from the East on the shoulders of a horde of slave laborers in ankle chains, under the grim command of guards armed with identifiable AK-47's.

The political economic clout exerted by the government thugs of the Russian rump continued long after the various imperial satrapies began breaking away in 1989 et seq., both in terms of the government petrochemical sector monopoly's stranglehold on the secondary suppliers in the various blart-'n-bonkus "republics" along the central Asian borders and in their clutch at the throats of the former Warsaw Pact nations and the little Baltic frontier countries, all of which depended utterly upon Russian natural gas and oil for their survival. This translated into long, long term contracts excruciatingly favorable to the Russian politicians and other organized crime figures who kept control of (or got a piece of the action in) Gazprom.

Not to mention what the Gazprom goons continued to do to their established Western European customers in the way of their "take-or-pay" contract scheme, which links natural gas prices to the price of liquid petroleum instead of recognizing that spot prices in the world methane market have dropped a shitload since fracking had come in big prior to our Metrosexual Mulignane's takeover of the federal government in 2009 to work all sorts of bureaucratic mischief in obstructing further resource extraction in the energy industry.

He wanted, y'see, to ensure that energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket" while he was perpetrating democide against the American people. The lying son of a bitch sure kept that campaign promise, didn't he?

In spite of our Indonesian-in-Chief's best efforts to utterly wreck the American economy, domestic natural gas extraction by way of fracking had already built up such a momentum before he'd slimed his way into the big comfy chair behind the Resolute desk that the U.S. market was being served more and more thoroughly with methane extracted directly from the deep geological strata at which the natural reserves are volumetrically greatest, knocking down costs per unit to such extents that the Hopenchangey Hubshi's bullshit "renewables" couldn't ever - even when advantaged by government subsidy schemes and asshole EPA regulations - possibly compete.

The world marketplace in natural gas is such that the drop in American demand for offshore supplies simply meant the diversion of the big LNG tankers from U.S. ports to the coastal terminals in Europe, where the cheaper (average $3 per unit) spot market methane was eagerly accepted by Gazprom's customers, who'd been fucked by the Russian pricing scheme to take their natural gas at about $10 per unit.

Understanding that liquid petroleum - crude oil - is still pretty costly in the futures as well as the spot market, the OPEC wogs are more worried about what fracking might do to them in years to come, and they're probably throwing seed money at the 'viro groups honking and screaming all sorts of doomsday crapola about fracking to whatever extent anybody is ever going to listen to their "climate catastrophe" bullshit since their alleged scientists got pantsed in 2009 by way of the Climategate information release. Allah favors such charitable giving, right?

The hot priority right now, though, is in Gazprom's corner, and the indications are strongest that they (meaning the Russian government) are pushing currency into Watermelon pockets and calling in favors among foreign politicians wherever fracking is taking place, influencing the markets, or is likely to get going.

Gazprom has been the Russian government's great cash cow, by way of which Putin and his co-conspirators have thrown enough goodies to the population that the Russian people are more or less sitting still for Vladimir's re-imposition of Soviet-style civil rights violations and military adventurism.

That cow is giving a helluva lot less milk nowadays, however, and the trend is for the drying-up to accelerate.

Jeez, no wonder we heard Michelle's Meatpuppet whispering to Medvedev that open-mike inadvertency about "flexibility" a couple of years ago. Putin and his people are totally shit-outta-luck if the guys in the American natural gas industry are allowed to start shipping their product overseas.

Only the Russian kakistocracy's beloved friend in the White House stands between them and the "creative destruction" of the marketplace, and our supple-spine'd Mocha Messiah is gonna need all the "environmentalist" help he can get to save Gazprom.

For the Russian government, some donations steered in the direction of the various Watermelon 501(c) "public interest" yammerheads (not to mention campaign contributions on both sides of the so-called "divide" in U.S. politics) are nothing more than good old business-as-usual.

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