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The Tyranny of Boredom
by A.X. Perez

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The current Administration and Congress are the worst kind of tyrants, those who promise the freedom of low grade mediocrity and untarnished oblivion. I have no objection to mediocrity, by definition of terms that is what most people are. And from time to time people need the rest of a good night's sleep.

However, from time to time people to survive must strive for a little bit of excellence, or at least a higher grade of mediocrity. This one time, I will play this one song so perfectly that it will meek the angels weep with joy. My sleep will be troubled by dreams of perfect dance and music and beauty. I will reach for the stars. Oblivion has its uses, dreams create meaning.

The president and congress argue about a raise to minimum wage that won't cover what Obamacare does to people's income, they fight over extending unemployment benefits and creating empowerment zones (whoops, promise zones, same cow different brand) instead of gettinge out of our way so we can use emerging technologies to create so many jobs and so much wealth that we could actually pay their note (17+ trillion) out of spare change.

If the only way to dare them to greatness is the old national security card, oh please don't stand back and let the Chinese take over the moon, so be it. More people learn freedom fighting tyrants who dream of greatness than from being bored into submission by welfare state nannies. Where is TR when we need him?

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