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Number 757, February 9, 2014

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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 42
(New designation Volume 2-9-2014)

by Neale Osborn

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It has been pointed out to me that I made a simple mistake in my blanket statement "EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN CITIZEN HAS THE RIGHT TO CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON". I shall now rectify the problem, then expand upon it, as suggested by Mama Liberty.


This is the simple version of my philosophy. HOWEVER, as Mama Liberty said to me earlier today, it properly needs to be expanded and re-worded. Here's HER version, as posted HERE.

This is a Public Service Announcement
Posted on February 3, 2014 by MamaLiberty

By MamaLiberty



Every human being (or sentient being, if you want to get technical) has the absolute, inalienable AUTHORITY of self ownership, which includes the use of any tool whatsoever, for any purpose whatsoever. Every self owning individual ALSO has the absolute and inalienable AUTHORITY to defend themselves, by any means he/she finds necessary, from any other individual who offers credible threat of great harm or death.

No person or group of persons has any legitimate authority to decide anything different for any other individual.

This isn't limited to "Americans," and it isn't limited to "concealed weapons" or even guns.

Just so you know. . . if you even wondered.

I was basically just dealing with the Victim Disarmament Crowd and their take on CCW. And I stand by it. HOWEVER, if you wish to be accurate, this expansion is a far better way of saying it, and making it truly complete. I would boil it down to a single sentence for simplicity's sake.

Every human being/sentient being has the inherent authority to determine what he/she/it needs to use in order to protect themselves and their family, friends, and property from ALL threats—criminal or governmental—and this authority is not limited to firearms alone.

Here are a few links from Tony from the Right. Follow the bouncing links!. Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! BOING!!! From cops who can't hit the broad side of a barn (thankfully) to cops who can't hit the broad side of a barn (REALLY?!?!) to one cop standing up for high schoolers' right to celebrate "America Day" in Fort Collins, and a funny sheesh AND ha-ha a few from a guy who, like him or not (I do) always comes up with some good ones. No quotes from these, they speak for themselves.

On an editorial note—Henceforth, I shall name the rants by the date they are scheduled to appear in The Libertarian Enterprise, which is my go-to place to publish. So if you get them via my e-mail, they may seem to have time traveled to you. But they didn't. Dammit!

Watch a government sponsored terrorist organization attack American citizens. [Link]. Go ahead, defend these actions. I dare ya! First, they rip out a private citizen's home surveillance camera at the door (trying to hide their actions). Then, they cover over another camera inside. They failed to find most of the systems installed. The two brothers, tech geeks, had the whole house wired to practice their installations. The terrorists? Local cops, failing to even knock before breaking down the door. And no, it WASN'T a "No Knock" warrant. One of the young men was in the bathroom when the terrorist attack, er, um, "warrant" was "served". He drew his (unconstitutionally) licensed handgun, and prepared to defend his home, but re-holstered it when he heard the repeated shouts of "POLICE!" Probably the right idea, but you gotta wonder.... A few dead terrorists might make the next batch of criminals think twice about exceeding the parameters of their "warrant". Upon further research, we find out why the police acted this way—they feared that young man I mentioned—They knew he'd followed the law and had a CCW for a handgun. So, IF you follow the law, and pay the government for permission to exercise a Constitutional right, and a warrant ever has to be served at your home, that justifies a militarized assault by government terrorists. [Link].

What do you, my gun-using friends, think of this new ammo? [Link]. To ME, it defeats the purpose of most defensive ammo—to dump ALL it's energy into your assailant. If it goes through plywood, cement blocks, drywall, and car doors, it's far too likely to do a through-and-through in a self defense scenario, leading to your going to jail because you over-penetration killed a kid a block away. So what say YOU?

It's been a long week, and Obama hasn't said to many asinine things about guns this week (too busy running around trying to convince us Obamacare is a good thing). So I guess this is it for this week. TTFN!

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