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Number 760, March 2, 2014

We Stand With the Gun Owners of Connecticut

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Answer to a Friend on Facebook

A major reason we're in this mess is that people are reluctant to speak plainly. After having totaled up 100 million government murders of their own populations in the 20th century, even a leftist organiaztion like Amnesty International had to describe communist governments as "killing machines". We now know the figure is more like 200 million. And this doesn't count war. That's another hundred million, least.

Government is vastly worse than anything it pretends to protect us from.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are murderers many times over, as are most other politicians, including the Bushes, a whole family of criminals. We must be clear, open, and very loud about that. No soft-pedaling, no euphemizing. If they can do anything at all to you that you don't want done—tax you or even force you to sweep your own sidewalk—eventually, they will find it convenient to"liquidate" you.

How do we run things, instead? Mostly, we don't. Instead, we recognize as sacred and absolute people's ownership and control of their own lives. I recommend three books I've written about that: The Probability Broach, Pallas, and Ceres, all available in paper or e-book form at Amazon and other places. There are about 27 others like them, but they're the place to start.

BrightSuit MacBear, an anti-authoritarian novel for young readers, in the Heinlein tradition, has just been re-released.

Buy at

or from Barnes &

Spread the word.

L Neil Smith

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Comments on [last Sunday's] TLE.

The editorial excerpt (and article) "Ten Signs the Global Elite Are Losing Control" by Eric Blair.

I am not sure that I agree with all of Mr. Blair's signposts, though several are telling, as trends if not always in terms of specifics (no generalization is always true, including this one). More to the point, however, an injured and foundering, but not yet seriously weakened or fatally damaged, beast is much more likely to lash out in its pain and confusion than it is to go quietly. Some of his signposts acknowledges this as a trend, but don't follow it through to the inevitable conclusion: if the beast is not yet defanged and declawed, it is still very lethal. Hail Discordia, yes—but Eris is a bitch. Keeping the beast at bay until it collapses is not going to be easy, and the pain and suffering it may unleash in its death throes could be catastrophic.

And on L Neil Smith's article, "The Auction Block comes to California", Neil has outdone himself (again, as he does regularly). Working for wages/reimbursements set by others (Medicare; health insurance) and not by the free market is a form of slavery, as is being forced to pay taxes and fees set on an other than market basis to "subsidize" others.

So is being forced to suspend a remunerative business (e.g. coal mining, coal fired electricity) based on the counterintuitive theory that plant food is damaging the environment. Particularly when the people who hold this view freely acknowledge that they can't do anything to stop the worst offenders (by their theory), so in practice they are taking your business away to give it to someone whose business they can't control. (At least, this may be more honest than "cap and trade," wherein the "brokers" take 20% off the top, a sum that would have amounted to a personal income of between one and five billion dollars per year for the chief spokesperson of the scam, a former US vice president with delusions of sainthood, and less skill at vice than his former boss.)

So is watching your tax dollars (and your children's tax dollars in the form of unsustainable borrowing) taken to support people who willfully and intergenerationally refuse to work, except for punching a hole in a ballot once every two years at the behest of the mobsters who are taking their cut between the collection of taxes and the payment of welfare.

I'm certain that we've only tapped the surface.

TJ Mason

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Gun-grabbers back for more

Dear LNeil,

As expected, the gun-grabbers in the legislature just couldn't help themselves.

Despite losing three of their gun-grabbing colleagues in the Senate, the anti-gun cabal in Denver has deluded themselves into believing that Colorado citizens wouldn't mind more gun control being rammed down their throats.

Just like last year, the gun-grabbers are on the move—thinking of every conceivable way (including sneaking gun-control through) to strip us of all our rights.

This time, the gun-grabbers are doing it under the guise of so-called "mental health" legislation.

Yesterday, an 81-page "mental health" bill was fast-tracked through the Health, Insurance & Environment Committee on a 7 to 4 party-line vote.

To the general observer, this bill might look harmless, but remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the prime sponsors of this bill are two of the worst gun-grabbers in the legislature—Representative Beth McCann and Senator Linda Newell.

This shouldn't be a surprise. Rep. McCann has been out to destroy our Second Amendment rights for years.

You may remember last year when she sponsored all of the anti-gun legislation that was forced into law.

Make no mistake, this bill would permanently strip hundreds of thousands of Coloradans of their inherent right to self-defense.

Anyone who seeks voluntary residential treatment, for any amount of time, and is diagnosed with a TEMPORARY MOOD DISORDER such as depression, social anxiety, or even postpartum depression, would be an inch away from being labeled as a second-class citizen.

If this bill becomes law, if you are in treatment or having a rough go of it, odds are you will lose your gun rights without due process.

Instead of having the protection of a jury trial of your peers, a single, anti-gun judge could decide the fate of your rights.

Clearly, no one should have that kind of unchecked power, and this authority was never imagined by our founding fathers.

This legislation should raise a red flag in the mind of every gun owner in Colorado.

This bill (HB 14-1253) is now heading to the floor of the Colorado House of Representatives, and gun owners need to mobilize a full-court press to stop this bill.

It's imperative you and I stop this bill dead in its tracks, because if it reaches the State Senate, you can be sure anti-gun partisan and bill sponsor Linda Newell will pull out all the stops to put it on Hickenlooper's desk.

Any "mental health" legislation that the gun-grabbers propose has one purpose: stripping more honest, law-abiding citizens of their gun rights.

While this bill contains a lot of fluff and red tape, the truth is, this bill IS the greatest threat to our Second Amendment rights this year.

Contact your legislators and tell them to vote NO on HB 14-1253, and not to slip into McCann and Newell's political mousetrap.

Find your legislator by clicking here.

Remember, this bill could arrive on the floor of the House any day now, so don't hesitate to call them!

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

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I Told You So In The Probability Broach—Maybe

World's largest aircraft unveiled and hailed 'game changer'
by Claire Carter
The world's longest aircraft, consisting of part airship, part helicopter and part plane, has been unveiled and could be the key to greener more efficient planes in future as developers predict one day there could be as many of the hybrids as there are helicopters today
[Read more]

L. Neil Smith

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Some quick notes

According to NBC News the murder count in our nation's capital this year (2014) is 22. El Paso, Texas with a somewhat higher population has had no murders, depending on whether or not a person shot Friday, 28 February survives. If he doesn't that will leave EPT with one murder. 22 is EPT's average yearly murder count, last year it was 9. I bring these up to compare murder rates between two cities with similar sized populations, one with strict gun control laws (DC) and the other with much laxer laws (El Paso). Victim disarmament doesn't work, or DC. Admittedly we don't have Congress and such around corrupting our morals. If you are tired of me bragging on EPT's low murder rate and lax weapon laws, I suggest you work to get rid of unjust weapon laws and to lower the murder rate in your part of the world.

The Ninth Circuit Court has upheld a principal in California busting students for wearing American flag T-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo. Supported claim that kids were making a racist statement and creating the possibility of "trouble." I'm a proud American of Mexican descent. Any one who has issues with displaying the Stars and Stripes anywhere on American soil is in the wrong place, regardless of the intent of the person displaying that flag. At the same time Mexico kicking French ass when the US was in no position to enforce the Monroe Doctrine is worth celebrating, and to quote H. Beam Piper, "A good barbecue halloweth any cause." (Lone Star Planet, also published as A Planet for Texans) however, this case is the first time I've heard of that someone has to invoke First Amendment rights to engage in patriotic displays and been slapped down. Wonder when Califas is going to secede. My daughters are considering jobs in California, hope they take their passports so they can return to the states with minimum hassle.

I noticed that Vladmir Putin is preparing to militarily intervene in the Ukraine, if he hasn't already, specifically in Crimea. The situation is complicated by the fact that during Stalinist days many ethnic Russians were relocated there partly as an effort to erase ethnic/nationalist identity and to transform the Ukrainians and Russians into Soviets.

This is relevant to Americans for two reasons. Our current big mouths in charge are "warning" Russia not to intervene just when they are also talking about reducing the size of our military. Backing up either means backing down on the other and both mean that the Administration's mouths are writing checks our soldiers' asses can't cover.

Meanwhile, what kind of "New Man" is the Democratic Party trying to create as it tries to suppress American Patriotism, Christianity, heterosexual marriage, and other parts of our majority culture? When did we have to start invoking the 1st Amendment to be pro instead of anti American in the US?

A.X. Perez

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Brace Yourself for Hillary and Jeb
by Maureen Dowd

WASHINGTON—OY. By the time the Bushes and Clintons are finished, they are going to make the Tudors and the Plantagenets look like pikers.

Before these two families release their death grip on the American electoral system, we're going to have to watch Chelsea's granddaughter try to knock off George P.'s grandson, Prescott Walker Bush II. Barack Obama, who once dreamed of being a transformational president, will turn out to be a mere hiccup in history, the interim guy who provided a tepid respite while Hillary and Jeb geared up to go at it.
[Read more]

This is why No Loopholes (shameless plug

suggests a "No Nepotism" Amendment which would prevent immediate family members from running for an office during the life of an office holder. (Of course, that would probably not prevent Hillary from running again, though I'm certain that Bill's 'heart failure' would be exemplary with hardly any visible blood, but it would probably have stopped the junior Bushes.)

Of course, nobody has taken that suggestion seriously, and I can only advise, if Dowd is correct, that you hold your nose and vote for Shrub II. Of course, one can hope that Hillary will be resting uncomfortably in her much-deserved jail cell before this eventuality comes to pass.

Terence James Mason

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Re: Doctoring Data on Kids and Guns by C.D. Michel

Despite the obvious effort that went into crafting this article, I do have some problems with it.

For one thing, it displays some examples of that which the author criticizes. For example, "This reduction occurred in a period where the number of handguns went up 216%." Surely, it matters how those new guns were distributed—were they new gun owners, or simply the old ones stashing more guns in their safes? Mark Twain said, "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics." That saying applies no matter what side of the question you are on.

More troubling, the article admits an unstated but clear (and wrong) premise: That if honest, unbiased scientific studies ever were conducted that showed more guns resulted in more childhood deaths, then gun prohibition would be justified.

This is simply not the case. It DOESN'T MATTER what studies show; gun prohibition, or other less stringent forms of gun control, are never justifiable because they are examples of aggression against innocents. Even in the rosiest statist case, where government is allegedly protecting us, they have no legitimacy to control gun ownership and use.

Studies of human behavior, even honest ones, are inherently tools of tyranny. In a truly free society, the response to someone looking for data for scientific surveys would be, "MYOB!"

Rather than attempting to get better data to legislators (an activity that legitimizes legislatures!), I think it makes much more sense to encourage people to start ignoring them. I like what is going on in New York and Connecticut these days, where a large majority are simply ignoring the new laws. That is the direction we should be going.

Paul Bonneau

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