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We Stand With the Gun Owners of Connecticut

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Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn
Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn
Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn Sandra Korn

Sandra Korn

Shut Up Telling Me Shut Up
by L. Neil Smith

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Radio and Internet were full, this past week, of stories, cycled over and over, of a young student at Harvard who should be suing that overrated pile of bricks for failing to provide her with a decent education, instead of spreading the rotten education she did receive there.

Her name is Sandra Korn, and she's a senior, who writes a column for the Harvard Crimson—one of the most appropriately-named publications in the world—expressing the view that her brand of radical leftism is the only permissible political philosophy, and the the First Amendment only hinders institutions like Harvard in its noble struggle to convey it. Free speech on campus should therefore be abolished, as an unnecessary and dangerous luxury, and professors with an opposing view should be fired—much as liberal Canadian "science guy" David Suzuki wanted to do a few years ago with Global Warming "deniers".

Most of what I know about this story came from an article about it by "award-winning journalist" Joe Kovacs, executive news editor of World Net Daily. I don't generally quote that source, as they're as concerned with the Second Coming of Christ and the "fact" that the universe is only 6000 years old, as they are with anything serious. But the threat that this young woman's—I hesitate to say "ideas"—represents is as great to the rational and linear among us as they are to those whose absolute, fundamental, unalienable, individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right it is to be irrational and non-linear.

It is not their opinion we are obliged to respect, as civilized human beings, but their right to have one and to express it freely. This advocacy of censorship is not a civilizd one, and should be of concern to everybody, since it clearly reflects the views of those in power.

Why the Korn Maiden got all of the national attention she did is anybody's guess. There must be a thousand, or ten thousand pieces like hers, written every day across this poor, battered land of ours. Those are the times we live in now, and the sort of creatures we share them with. Don't wonder why the grownup media carried the story. The First Amendment means nothing to them. They write what they're told to write.

But already I digress.

Most of those media stories refer to Ms. Korn as "liberal". The fact is, liberalism is no more than a shopworn and shabby euphemism for communism, an economic and political "philosophy" under which, in the 20th century alone, a little over 200 million individual human beings were deliberately and systematically murdered by their own governments.

Today, holders of the same "philosophy", hiding behind the walls of the United Nations, and the duck-blind of environmentalism, openly proclaim that these killings should continue, only on a much vaster scale. They wish to dispose of ninety percent of the human race, or about 6.3 billion people, with the ultimate goal of "rewilding" the planet.

Of course she doesn't want anybody free to talk about that.

When she writes, "Let's give up on academic freedom in favor of justice," what Ms. Korn really means is, "Let's give up on academic freedom in favor of mass-murder." Nobody but Ms. Korn can know how sincere she is about regreening the world by soaking it in scarlet first, but a proper understanding of history and human nature informs us that the real objective of the entities who manufactured her mind is to establish an unanswerable, all-powerful elite with just the right number of peasants to provide for their every whim, without having to worry about too many mouths to feed, or a possible slave uprising.

To her, as she peers out at the world around her, and to would-be members, as well, of the all-powerful elite just like her, nine tenths of us are surplus, the air we breathe and the space we take up wasted, not to mention those messy carbon footprints we leave all over the place.

Sandra won't be the first collectivist to think there isn't any problem that can't be solved with enough machineguns and cylinders of Zyklon B. You think me harsh? There is no other way to get what she wants. Only a fool would permit the cattle to discuss their fate with one another, and stir each other up, as they are being herded to slaughter.

Shut up about those FEMA camps!

Shut up about all that ammunition!

Shut up about all those plastic coffins!

Just shut up!

The article quotes Rush Limbaugh describing Sandra's view that " ... free speech needs to be abridged because it is threatening [to] liberalism ...liberalism cannot hold up to scrutiny. It cannot withstand a challenge. If liberalism were infallible ... powerful and automatic, they would welcome challenges to it—and they would welcome the attempt to persuade and to convert. But instead they're threatened ... "

Sounds like Obamacare to me. If it's such great idea, why does it have to be enforced at gunpoint, by the IRS, of all police-state agencies?

My solution? First of all, a dose of what Sandra seems to fear the most: exposure. She must not only be revealed for what she has said, but for the ideas and actions behind what she has said. There ain't no such thing any more as a liberal, nor is there any such thing as a well-intentioned collectivist. Give the girl this year's Ilse Koch Prize, a "major award" featuring a lampshade made with real human skin.

Second, in my opinion, anyone who is a murderous bitch at heart should be denied the benefit of human company and a division of labor. If you run a grocery store, don't sell her food. If it's a restaurant, don't feed her. This is why defending the rights of that baker in Denver is important (no matter how backward his ideas are), and why the current governor of Arizona should be out of office, working where she has demonstrated more than once that she belongs, in the fast food industry.

Note that I do not say kick Sandra out of school. She's pretty much where she belongs, anyway. Nor, for the same reason, would I deny her a place in the pages of the Harvard Crimson. I simply suggest that civilized human beings withdraw their sanction from her. She argues that harmless, peaceful individuals should be damaged, and she—and all those like her—have to learn that you can't do that for free.

Above all, she should not be shut up. She's more persuasive than anything I've ever written, or than any speech that Ron Paul has ever given.

Thanks, Sandy!

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