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Number 760, March 2, 2014

We Stand With the Gun Owners of Connecticut

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Please Plan Accordingly
by Andrew Offutt

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

To the Grady Bunch, and a Few Others,

On Saturday, March 1, 2014 I attended a RK gun show on Jonesboro Road in Atlanta I met a retired police officer who now owns a franchise with Noah's Pantry, a company that manufacturers emergency/survival food. He lives in Tennessee on 20+ acres, at the end of a long dirt road.

He told me that not long ago, around 10pm, he saw 3 cars coming up his 1/4 mile driveway. The cars stopped about 300 feet from his house. The occupants turned off their car lights. Through the dark he was able to make out 4 men silently walking toward his house. With his AR-15 in hand, he exited the rear of his home, circled around and waited on the edge of his porch. When the men stepped on the porch he turned on a bright flashlight and said, "Hands in the air". The 4 men complied. They were the sheriffs of two Tennessee counties, one deputy and a FEMA officer. All were armed.

I'll speed things up a bit. The officers came there to confiscate his food supplies. There had been some sort of emergency in a nearby county which left about 250 people without food, clean water or electricity. The guy I spoke with said both sheriffs and the deputy were very polite but that the FEMA officer was arrogant, demanding and demeaning. The retired police officer said he would help them, but that they would have to pay for any food they took. The FEMA officer said, "I'm the government. I can take whatever I want. You'll get compensation when the government gets around to it." The FEMA officer went on to say that E.O.'s signed by Obama and other Presidents dating back to FDR gives the government authority to take whatever it wants from any citizen or business during any crisis as determined by the Federal Government. When asked about the 4th Amendment, the FEMA officer said, "the Constitution does not apply".

The Constitution does not apply??? This is exactly how things happen in a Banana Republic—the Constitution is summarily ignored when it gets in the way. The Founders are turning over in their graves.

Well, you can imagine how well that conversation went over. The FEMA officer became so obnoxious that the bigger of the two sheriffs walked up behind him, got him in a bear hug and marched him outdoors. The sheriffs intervened before it came to blows and promised to pay for the food the very next morning out of the state general fund. They said they would seek recompense from FEMA.

And that's how it ended. They got their food. But the Take Home Lesson here, as told to me by this retired officer, is that the Federal Government can enter your home, by force if necessary, without a warrant or Due Process and just confiscate your food, your clothing, your guns and whatever else they want for whatever reason they have determined defines a crisis.

Google "Can FEMA confiscate your food supplies" to verify that this scenario can, does and will continue to happen until The People put a stop to it.

Please plan accordingly.

Editor's comment: To those not-so-good thinkers who ask "Why would anybody need an 'assault rifle?'" we here have the answer.

See also: "True Democracy, or, Let's Kill Frank & Steal His Shit" by Victor Milan

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