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Number 761, March 9, 2014

Don't You Know There is a War On?

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Don't You Know There is a War On?
by Giovanni Martelli

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Special/Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Every two hundred years or so, there comes a time when the ruling class fails to consider the tenuousness of its position, creating a system of tyrannical government and power usurped from those who should hold it—every man, woman, and child, over him or herself exclusively.

It is during such times that those upon whom the ruling class treads must rise up and grab trouser legs, bootstraps, testicles—whatever can be reached, whatever can be used to depose, destroy, or neuter those who would render all others helpless and powerless. And it is this self-control and willpower that we sorely lack; we stand apart, a nation divided by issues relating directly thereto, when we ought to be united by the demand for personal sovereignty in all aspects.

In the sweltering heat of the summer of 1776, a divided Congress did exactly that: though the delegations of some colonies were split, twelve colonies (excluding New York, which abstained from the vote—courteously) voted unanimously to adopt a Declaration of Independence from the chains of the British Empire. The document itself was edited 86 times in the course of just a few days, but when an agreement had been reached, it became a symbol not just of freedom, but of the power inherent in mankind and the middle class to take up arms and wrest their homeland from the clutches of King George.

We need a revolution. We have bigger fish to fry than interpersonal issues, and just such a document might change the course on which humanity finds itself—we might just be able to get out of this handbasket, provided that we realize we are in it.

It is because of this sore need for cooperation and unity against tyranny that I ask you, dear reader, to consider my request.

Independency Productions, a fledgling community theatre company in Fort Collins, Colorado, is preparing to launch an unforgettable production of Stone and Edwards' 1969 musical 1776—a dramatic comedy centering on the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence. The story arc follows John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and a host of other congressional characters who overcome a great many difficulties to forge ahead into freedom from oppressive, illegal taxation and loss of life on the battlefield.

We have launched a campaign on Kickstarter, seeking $20,000—but the catch is that no matter how many pledges we receive, if we fall even a dollar under our goal, we will receive no money at all. We will be unable to secure the rights, and we will be unable to secure a venue. Therefore, I ask for your help in pressing forward into freedom. Please help us—and please, pass on this project to everyone you know, everyone you like, everyone you hate. The more exposure we receive, the better—and the more likely that we will be able to produce this sorely-needed show.


Please look at our campaign, and please consider donating. History and humanity need this; the fight for freedom needs this.


Giovanni Martelli is Owner, Independency Productions Fort Collins, Colorado.

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