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Number 763, March 23, 2014

We have arrived at a crossroads in history, and
the country stands on the brink of civil war.

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Letters to the Editor

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Letter the First:

Worth a War?

Here's the deal:

... look at the map of the Black Sea. From the point of view of a Russian nationalist the likes of Vladimir Putin it is essential that Russia own Crimea. they need it to secure Russia's access to the Black Sea. There is no punishment we can inflict on Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich, or his allies that would hurt them more than losing the Crimean Peninsula. Look at the map. We might be able to "buy " it from them. Of course Russia would control Europe's economy for the next century or so.

The other way to take it by force, that is war. Not this little put third world dictators in place military actions we've been perfecting since before the end of the Cold War, but declared war against an industrial nation with a reasonably well trained military.

Complete with rationing, conscription, and new censorship.

On the other hand, war goes against the internationalist world order to which Barack Obama gives fealty. However, Vlad Putin doesn't share that vision. For that matter, neither do I, but for different reasons, and I suspect neither do most subscribers to the ideals of libertarianism.

So for y'all the the following question remains, is it worth it to go to war to stop Russian aggression in Crimea at the cost of promoting a world order we disagree with, one many consider as big a threat to our ideals of liberty as Putin's brutal ultranationalism?

Letter the Second:

Soldier of Fortune Magazine reposted the following article on its Facebook site: [LINK]

Please note the following sentence:

The order was seconded on Thursday by the French ambassador to Ukraine, Alain Rémy, who said the disarmament of the militias that helped overthrow the former government is a central requirement for the European Union to begin disbursing financial aid....

SOF rightly commented on the report with one word: Tyranny (Actually, TYRANNY). In another missive to TLE I commented that I had my doubts about whether we should fight to tie Ukraine into an Internationalist order that contradicts our values.

At least some Ukranian have expressed the following thought according to the report:

Members of the self-organized defense groups that formed to defend Independence Square and other protest sites during the uprising have been reluctant to comply. Like gun owners in countries like the United States and Switzerland where ownership of firearms is widespread, they contend that the weapons are needed to defend the country against a possible foreign invasion and to defend their freedoms from potential government abuse.

So one more time, why should the US butt in in to a situation where it looks like Ukrainian sovereignty is being crushed to bring it under EU rule to protect it from Russian aggression?

A.X. Perez

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