A Hearty Farewell to Piers Morgan
(The Feature Article)

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Number 764, March 30, 2014
Civilization is not inherited; it has to be
learned and earned by each generation anew;
if the transmission should be interrupted
for one century, civilization would die,
and we should be savages again.
—Will and Ariel Durant

by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 5 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith and A.X. Perez

A Hearty Farewell to Piers Morgan
by L. Neil Smith
My Dear Fellow, I begin by confessing that I hadn't heard of you until recently. I haven't watched CNN for at least twenty years because I don't want my brain to shrivel down to the size of a walnut, and I don't follow TV "celebrities".

Some Thoughts on Climate Change and Solar Activity
by Abigail ("Abby") Martha Mason
My brother T.J. recently sent me a link to this article, which I perused at length and found quite interesting: [link to article] A bit of online research confirms that the information in the article is substantiable. I thought to myself, "This makes no sense. The solar astronomical data is all pointing toward a decided cooling trend, and this cooling would be on the same order as the much-hyped warming purported from anthropogenic global climate change. If warming up by a couple of degrees would be so catastrophic, wouldn't cooling down by the same amount be just as bad? Why aren't they taking the solar variability into account?" And then it hit me.

Nihon Ishigame: An Outlaw Turtle Enthusiast Goes Japanese!
by Jeff Fullerton
I have kept turtles as pets since my preschool days. My first was one of those baby red-eared sliders that were commonly sold in pet shops before the FDA ban on turtles under 4 inches in the early 1970s. It was kept in the typical fashion in those days—in the small plastic bowl with the ramp and plastic palm tree and fed commercial turtle food. Needless to say it did not last long and was soon replaced a few times over. The second one I actually caught myself in the creek behind my home in suburban Manassas Virginia—no doubt an escaped or released captive—as the Red-Ear Slider—Trachemeys scripta elegans is not native to the Atlantic slope—but in the years since it has been naturalized in many places there and elsewhere around the world being the universally popular pet turtle!

There is no case for Gun Control
by Darren Wolfe
Let's discuss the gun issue here. I'm going to ask everyone, on all sides of the issue, to refrain from snark, condescension, insults, & making it personal. This is about the issue not the people discussing it. Please review the Code of Conduct before posting.

Letting Go of "Lost"
by Jonathan David Morris
I was a big fan of Lost. I use the word "was" here not to suggest that, like seemingly everyone else in the world, my like for the show ended the moment I realized I hated the ending (which I didn't, but more on that in a minute), but rather to suggest that, when Lost was on, during its initial run from 2004 to 2010, I was as big a fan of the ABC series as anyone I knew.

Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 3-30-2014
by Neale Osborn
If Congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare... It would subvert the very foundations, and transmute the very nature of the limited government established by the people of America; and what inferences might be drawn, or what consequences ensue, from such a step, it is incumbent on us all to consider."—James Madison, Speaking in the House of Representatives, 1792

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 270
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 270 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act


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Something to consider:

If You Don't Want a SWAT Team at Your Door, You Shouldn't Be Drinking Tea
by Jacob Sullum
Why did a SWAT team raid Bob and Addie Harte's house in Leawood, Kansas, two years ago, then force the couple and their two children to sit on a couch for two hours while officers rifled their belongings, searching for "narcotics" that were not there? KSHB, the NBC station in Kansas City, reports that the Hartes made two mistakes: Bob went to a hydroponics store in Kansas City, Missouri, with his son to buy supplies for a school science project, and Addie drank tea. It cost them $25,000 to discover that these innocent actions earned them an early-morning visit by screaming, rifle-waving men with a battering ram.
[Read more]

And this:

James Lovelock: environmentalism has become a religion
by Adam Vaughan
Environmentalism has "become a religion" and does not pay enough attention to facts, according to James Lovelock.

The 94 year-old scientist, famous for his Gaia hypothesis that Earth is a self-regulating, single organism, also said that he had been too certain about the rate of global warming in his past book, that "it's just as silly to be a [climate] denier as it is to be a believer" and that fracking and nuclear power should power the UK, not renewable sources such as windfarms.
[Read more]

There are still a few honest people around.

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