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Number 765, April 6, 2014

"...bandits and governments have so
much in common that they might be
interchangeable anywhere in the world."

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Baloo News!
Baloo News
Tax time!

Not a lot of news lately, but here's a sample cartoon to celebrate the upcoming Tax Dzy! You can buy my Tax Day cards and other greeting cards here.

Also, I now have a Facebook page here where I notify everybody whenever I post a new cartoon. Come and "Like" it.

And, of course, you can see daily cartoons on my several blogsites every day, too. Starting from here you can get to all of them!

And for cartoon gifs and other merchandize, check out my Zazzle Store here.

Finally, please forward this e-mail to all your cartoon-appreciating friends!

Till next time!

Rex May
PHONE: 1-970-218-0889
All about me here:
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