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His Goal Is Gaol
by L. Neil Smith

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I have before me on my poor, long-suffering desktop an article by some bottom-feeder calling himself "Adam Weinstein" in some cyber-publication calling itself Gawker, that is remarkable for number of reasons.

For example, in not quite four lines of his first paragraph, he manages to tell three outright lies, make a questionable assertion, and deliver a mortal threat to everything that ever made America a decent country to live in. Basically, having lost the global warming argument—thanks mostly to another pack of liars and connivers at the University of East Anglia—he now proposes that we who disagree with him must be jailed, which is the last refuge of something that you're mostly likely to find yourself scraping off the bottom of your shoe.

For a portion of his infantile tirade, Weinstein attributes this idea to Lawrence Torcello, a philosophy professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (and therefore naturally an expert on matters climatic). He says that Torcello says, in L'Aquila, Italy, half a dozen seismologists were convicted of manslaughter because of a 2009 earthquake that killed 309 people. They weren't convicted because they failed to predict an earthquake, but because their government forced them to lie about a series of little quakes building up to the big one. It's consistent with Italian justice as we've come to understand it.

I recall being appalled by this at the time, and predicting a severe brain-drain by scientists away from Italy's sunny clime to anywhere the scientific process is respected. Weinstein and Torcello, who apparently know nothing of the scientific process, seem delighted by what happened, and offer it as a precedent, rather like suggesting it's okay to mass-murder black people because Germans did it to the Jews.

In due course, Weinstein removes his sock-puppet and begins speaking for himself, principally to accuse those who know that "global warming" is a fraud, of making money by spreading their scientifically well-supported convictions to the public. He doesn't specify how this money is generated. And what he can't account for—and doesn't dare try—are the con-men and four-flushers like Albert Gore who are making millions, possibly billions, by traveling around the world spewing diesel smoke and singing their Chicken Little melody.

There's no question who the real fraudsters are. Gore and minions like Weinstein and Torcello are guilty of perpetrating the greatest hoax in human history. They have wrecked individual lives, honest businesses, and entire economies in the process, securing untold wealth, academic tenure and prestige, and political power along the way.

Or simply keeping their phoney-baloney jobs.

Now here's a little lesson for them in practical 21st century politics. This is not Europe, Russia, or China. Thanks to hundreds of idiotic blunders by the current administration, the American people are on full alert, better informed about their rights, and better prepared to defend them, than at any previous time in the nation's history.

They are fully aware that victim disarmament—what progressive fascists call "gun control"—is intended for only one purpose: to make life safer and more convenient for would-be tinpot dictators like Weinstein and Torcello, so they can do things to people like us—America's Productive Class—that they can't do if we still have our guns.

A couple of the most courageous and outspoken global warming deniers in the world happen to live in my town. I would be happy and proud to take my 30-round sport-utility rifle over and join in their defense. That's why we have the Second Amendment and the right to form militias.

Inconvenient, isn't it?

On the other hand, those who try to imprison others simply for their opinions may eventually expect to be dragged from their fetid burrows and subjected to a vast tribunal, preferably in Nuremberg, Pennsylvania, for those who commit crimes against the Constitution. And when they are convicted, they will spend the rest of their lives in a new facility I have described in some detail before, on Alcatraz Island.

They'll get to hear Rush Limbaugh or Fox News twenty-four hours a day.

Global warming—and its sappy euphemism, "climate change"—is a scam. And the fact that this little man has to stamp his foot at the beginning of his article like a nasty three-year-old who badly needs a spanking, let alone threaten to lock up anybody who won't give his pseudoscientific fairy tale their willing suspension of disbelief, should be proof enough for anybody who understands history and human nature.

Here's the word: humanity is prepared to start making progress again, instead of being dragged backward into the Dark Ages. My advice to Weinstein is Bob Dylan's: "Get out of the way if you can't lend a hand.

"For the times they are a-changin'."

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