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Old News Interpreted
by A.X. Perez

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Recently I ran into two articles dealing with autism. One reports that autism is a congenital disorder, that is you are born that way. It is not caused by the sufferer being vaccinated. At this time I do not want to get into the comparative risks and benefits of getting vaccinations or having your kids vaccinated. I do want to point out that making your kids autistic is not one of them. that said, research a variety of sites consult medical practitioners that you trust, and definitely get tested to make sure you are not allergic to a vaccine or its ingredients.

A second article noted that more children are being diagnosed with "autism spectrum disorders" than ever, specifically that diagnoses have gone from one in about a hundred and fifty to about one in sixty eight. A lot of these diagnoses are for children with extremely mild Aspergers, right at the borderline between normal (whatever that is) and Aspergers. Now this may be a result of more people suffering from ASD's, especially extremely mild Aspergers, as a result of cumulative mutations and pregnant women being exposed to environmental risks. Or it could be that ever since the Fed's started throwing money at diagnosing and providing educational services for kids with ASD's they have become the diagnoses de jour. In fact, it is worth noting that since the Feds started throwing more money at ASD's and less at ADD and ADHD the number of children diagnosed with the former has increased and the latter two decreased. Apparently getting more Federal funding causes learning/psychological disorders and getting funding cut cures them.

That or educators are blowing off the needs of kids with disorders that are not "getting the love." My own personal opinion is that favored problems get over-diagnosed and those not blessed with Fed money get under-diagnosed. Shame on the education establishment either way.

It should also be noted that whichever disorder is getting attention it seems to hit males about four times as often as females. In fact, it seems that a lot of the descriptors of symptoms for various ASD's and ADD read like pretty normal behavior for boys.

Perhaps being a boy is a learning disorder (there's a large number of females who would nod their head in agreement with this thesis.).

In all earnest, there really are people that have to deal with real problems with these very real disorders. And I know some of these people and some handle it with grace and dignity and get the right support and others don't.

Whether or not someone gets properly diagnosed with one of these problems and gets the appropriate help to deal with it should not depend on what the is the fashionable way to spend taxpayers' money. And no one should have to bear the label of suffering from one of these disorders because he acts too much like a boy for Teacher's liking, especially when this can influence his educational opportunities, public or private.

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