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Number 766, April 13, 2014

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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As the IPCC blathers yet again

It's worth remarking today that prior to the first Climategate revelations (17 November 2009), I hadn't noted the expression "noble cause corruption" used except in reference to criminal violations of ethical conduct among police officers "planting or fabricating evidence, lying on reports or in court, and generally abusing police authority to make a charge stick."

Explanations for why police are susceptible to such corruption are manifold, ranging from bribery through budget aggrandizement, but pervasive in the ranks of government thugs (both in and out of uniform) is a mutually reinforcing sense that "making the world safer" trumps and will always trump the social contract predicated on unalienable individual human rights.

So it has proven with the alarmist "climate catastrophe" cultists masquerading as scientists while actively conniving at suppressio veri, suggestio falsi with generous overlardings of outright data-cooking, not only in pursuit of big bucks in "research" grant funding but also feeding their bloated egos by way of lamestream media propaganda and authoritarian politicians praising them for "making the world safer."

"Noble cause corruption" beyond the interrogation room with the blood-spattered walls down at the police station as these overweening underperformers glory in playing "Cops of the World."

Richard Bartucci

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With 15 April, a day in infamy that shall recur annualy forever, coming up, there are a few points worth considering.

47% of the population does not pay income tax.

About 51% of the US population receives a government benefit, everything from welfare benefits to paychecks.

Some 38% or more of the GDP is government spending.

Due to a combination of regressive and progressive taxes Americans pay about 59 cents out of every dollar they earn in in taxes and fees to the government. There are at least five taxes included in every phone bill, for example. In spite of this the Federal Government goes deeper into debt at about a million dollars every ninety seconds or so, call it about two and a half billion dollars a day. eighty some percent of that debt is owed to Americans.

Briefly, any plan to get rid of the government requires that we replace this economic activity or risk that people hooked on government money figure out a way to restore government, and a more tyrannical government than the one we have now. The good news is that there are thousands of freedom loving Americans replacing the Big g as an economic actor. The bad news is that the Government seems to be on a suicidal path aimed precisely at creating the "need" for a tyranny. One more reason to get rid of the current tyranny and replace it with an anarchy that works.

A.X. Perez

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Hello, Ken,

For your readers, here's a reminder:


The PEOPLE RULE their government, and NOT conversely so;

NO payroll taxes, or taxes on savings, checking, or other private account;

NO real estate or property taxes, and no taxes on utilities;

NO taxation for any aspect of government, unless you agree to support it by voting for it yourself;

Being free to live your life as you see fit without laws, rules, or regulations dictating what you may, or may not eat, drink, smoke— or otherwise—as long as you're not harming another person's life, liberty, or property in the process;

Term limits for ALL elected, and appointed offices;

NO elected or appointed persons are above, or beyond the law, or with any ability to exempt themselves from any law, rule or regulation, or set themselves separate from the People in any way;

ONLY the People get to decide what is law, or not;

ALL laws—save the respective Constitutions—expire at the end of their third year in existence, unless they are extended for another three years by the People themselves;

NO undeclared wars, or foreign entanglements, i.e., treaties of mutual cooperation, massive military spending, or military draft;

NO jobs being shipped outside the country;

Interest free loans for students;

Interest free loans to purchase a primary dwelling;

NO egregious regulations dictating what you can, or can't grow and/or how much on your own property, and where;

NO privately owned banks;

NO corporations, public or private;

The list is almost endless, when it comes to your personal freedom. Are you ready to help make it all happen?

Help make it happen in our lifetimes:


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