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Number 775, June 15, 2014

The very sort of evil that our fathers and
grandfathers fought and bled and died to stop is
fully in control of the United States Government.

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Barry The Red
by L. Neil Smith

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Come reason with me.

I listen to radio talk shows when I get up every morning—I have to do something to stay awake—and the host of the program I listen to most frequently is a bizarre recombination of conservative and old-timey liberal whose most important stock in trade appears to be uncertainty.

There is a class of "thinkers" in American culture who apparently believe (thanks to an assumption on their part that the human mind is frail and helpless in the face of a fundamentally capricious and unknowable universe) that uncertainty is evidence of intellectual honesty.

But already I digress.

This guy has been at the forefront of the "Birther" movement that, quite reasonably, in my opinion, and bravely, refuses to accept Barack Obama's hole-filled and contradictory official biography, saw through the man's pathetically incompetent forgery of a birth certificate, and speculates endlessly over who the President's real father might have been.

Unfortunately, he is also in the highly irritating habit of asking leading or rhetorical questions to which the answers, he would have his listeners believe, are unknowable. I suppose we're expected to accept the questions as answers in themselves. What are the actual long-term goals of the Obama regime? Obama is clearly incapable of accomplishing anything that requires an I.Q. higher than his shoe size; his wife is the original Mad Cow. Who are the real powers behind them?

I love an historical mystery, and I admit to being mildly curious about Obama's actual parentage. But in any analysis of how we got into this mess and how we might possibly get out of it, there are some facts that matter more. Aside from any effect they may have on Obama's eligibility to hold office, the actual genetics of the matter are inconsequential.

Barack Obama grew up surrounded by old-time, CPA card-carrying communists. His maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who filled most of the father-shaped space in his life, was a well-known communist activist, and Soviet operative, and so was his grandmother, Madelyn. Mommy, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a commie. Frank Marshall Davis, another genuine communist whom the radio host believes was his real father, was certainly Obama's intellectual, philosophical, and ideological father. Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers is Obama's spiritual uncle.

Barry is what's called a "Red-diaper baby".

Knowing that, and understanding that nothing in what we know of his educational background counteracts his Marxist proclivities, what else do we need to know about the convictions and objectives of a man who has deliberately and systematically (with a little help from the Republicans) obliterated the relative peace, freedom, progress, and prosperity of what was once the greatest nation-state the world ever knew?

Acting out of a deep, poisonous class and race hatred, Obama has destroyed the most powerful and benevolent politico-economic system in history, and somehow made off with something like seventeen trillion dollars. People speculate a lot over what Vladimir Putin must think of Obama, a product of what is almost certainly an old, abandoned Soviet deep-espionage program. My guess is that what he feels, mostly, is astonished envy—and perhaps more than a little worry about future competition.

(Another matter to ponder is that, if you saw the movie Telefon, this sort of program is always redundant. Somewhere, there are a dozen other kids who were groomed to become the first communist president of the United States. Where are they now, and who are they? But again I digress.)

In the 1940s, due to the idiotic blundering and malign stupidity of at least three generations of leaders, perhaps half a million young Americans were sacrificed in an armed conflict with collectivism, German-style. (This may come as news to those of my readers educated in the public school system: Hitler was a socialist, a man of the left; in German, "NAZI" was short for "National Socialist Workers' Party".

In the 1950s, tens of thousands more were killed in an undeclared (and therefore illegal) war against Korean, Chinese, and Russian communists. (How I know about the Russians is a story for another time.)

In the 1960s, 58,000 Americans were killed in Vietnam, fighting communism.

And now, the very sort of evil that our fathers and grandfathers fought and bled and died to stop is fully in control of the United States Government. Its minions mean to disarm, impoverish, and imprison every one of us—and kill any who resist—and the few politicians opposing them are too cowardly to say or do anything about it.

I hate it when predictions come unbidden to my mind, but I am a science fiction writer, and it's reflexive. The next decade is going to be truly ugly, perhaps the ugliest in human history. Americans will not be put down as easily as our domestic enemies presently expect. In the end, those enemies will stop at absolutely nothing—including chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons—to accomplish their objectives.

If I worry about being neutron-bombed, does that make me a terrorist?

Believe me, I would give virtually anything to be wrong about any or all of this. I have always been optimistic about the future. But now, it would appear, there is no longer any future to be optimistic about. I've also always been an advocate of free and open borders, but Obama's importation of tens or hundreds of thousands of "refugees", prepared, in Thomas Jefferson's words, to "eat out our substance", is the equivalent of throwing the castle gates open to the barbarian hordes.

It is an act of treason.

It is an act of war.

It is, indeed, Red Dawn in slow motion.

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