Three And A Half Funerals
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Number 776, June 22, 2014
Every man, woman, and responsible child has an
unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional,
and human right to obtain, own, and carry, openly
or concealed, any weapon—rifle, shotgun,
handgun, machinegun, anything—any time,
any place, without asking anyone's permission.

Bailouts ''R'' Us
Bailouts "R" Us
by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 5 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, Fight for the Future, and Somebody

Three And A Half Funerals
by L. Neil Smith
We've all seen it, dozens, perhaps even hundreds of times. A young man or woman, a young son or daughter, a young husband or wife, comes back from some unnecessary, idiotic war in "Bumfuck, Egypt"—in a box. Drums roll, bugles play, bagpipes flare. Maybe rifles in a row are fired. Meaningless platitudes are uttered. Attempting valiantly to hold back her tears, the widow in her Sunday church clothes, hardly more than a girl herself, accepts the flag from her husband's casket, now folded into a neat triangle. Beside her, a preschooler will grow up hardly remembering Daddy. The baby in her arms will never know its father.

Me, Two Nudey Men, and a Theatre Full of Lefties
by Sean Gabb
The London International Festival of Theatre is an enterprise funded by the Arts Council of England and by the Culture Programme of the European Union. If I ever come to power as the front man for a military coup, it will be on my list of things to shut down before breakfast. This being said, I was happy to take part, on Wednesday the 18th June 2014, in its "Change for a Tenner" evening at the Yard Theatre in Hackney. My main outreach of late, has been to explain libertarianism to schoolchildren and traditionalists. Here was my first chance in several years to address an audience of committed pro-state leftists. The fee offered, plus expenses, was nice, though not essential to my acceptance.

Brady, Bunk and Santa Barbara
by C.D. Michel
The Brady Campaign was oddly mute at first about the recent tragic Santa Barbara slayings. Could it be because half of the victims were killed with a knife—three young men were stabbed to death before the killer ever chambered a round?

Being John Hancock
by L. Neil Smith
Over the years, I've written many an unflattering thing about actors, as a class, especially about their intelligence, or lack thereof. It's hard to understand how anyone can get it all wrong so consistently. Now, after several weeks of trying to be an actor myself, I can tell you something else about them: what they do isn't easy; even if they happen to do it poorly, it's a bit of a miracle they can do it at all.

Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 6-22-2014
by Neale Osborn
Ya just don't mess with a successful format. And ya NEVER EVER piss off a pistol Packin' Mama Liberty. Okay, she's actually a very sweet woman, but that just doesn't have quite the ring. Here is the first of her two contributions to this missive, which is ALSO the 2nd in her series of articles on self defense training.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 282
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 282 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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Read My Lips—No More Bushes!

Although I like their canned beans. And there is a town named "Bush" that I used to pass through on my way to visit my parents in Texas. Or maybe it was "Bushville" or something, painted on the side of an old grain silo?

Did you know there are almost twice as many 7-Eleven stores in Japan as in the US? Dang.

There seems to be a bunch of flapdoodle around somebody saying something like "why don't we teach boys not to rape?" Which is strange because we do! There are a few that don't get the lesson, but very few, and those best done away with by their intended victim at the time of the attempt.

The Summer Soltice! June 21 at 10:51 PM it says here.

No wonder it was so hot today. I like hot weather, except now that I'm old, it almost kills me. They needs to be a cure for old (aside from dying I mean).

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