Economic Genocide
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Number 777, June 29, 2014
Over a fairly long lifetime, so far, I
have come to the sobering realization
that all that leftists, communists,
socialists, Democrats can do ... all
they ever think about is killing.

by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 5 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez, Eric Oppen, Adam Kokesh, Jeff Fullerton, L. Neil Smith, Paul Bonneau, and J. Neil Schulman

Economic Genocide
by L. Neil Smith
What now seems like a lifetime ago, back in the early 1970s, I asked a colleague (who knew about such things) a somewhat complicated question.

The Social Utility of Firearms
by C.D. Michel
Looking down the wrong end of a telescope gives you an entirely mistaken perspective on the universe. The Los Angeles Daily News allowed Tim Rutten to publish an opinion piece (The dangerous illusion of Americans and their guns, May 30, 2014) that displayed just such an inverted perspective on the topic of the social utility of guns in American society.

Plain Words about "Islamist Extremism"
by Sean Gabb
According to The Daily Telegraph, "[o]ne of the most serious challenges facing [England] is that of tackling religious extremism." Apparently, some of the Moslems here are attempting "to seal Islamic communities off hermetically from the rest of society." They are taking over state schools in the areas where they are settled, and imposing on them their own ideas of curriculum and behaviour. Girls are made to sit at the back of the class. Evolution is not taught. Christmas and Easter are not celebrated. Instead, there is fasting during Ramadan, and the call to prayer sounds through the playground. We are all supposed to think this very wicked and in need of action by the British State.

Ares Chapter One: Julie Segovia
by L. Neil Smith
Julie waited in the dark at the top of the stairs, surprised her heart wasn't pounding harder. In minutes she was going to do something that couldn't be undone—something that needed doing, nonetheless. She'd always avoided doing what couldn't be undone, whenever it was possible.

Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 6-29-2014
by Neale Osborn
Tis the custom in these here parts to start off with one from Mama Liberty. But I ain't gonna do that, pilgrim. I'm gonna start off with TWO by Mama Liberty. Because I've got'em! Well, one is BY her, and one recommended by her. First, her piece (originally in JPFO's e-zine) If you are not a member of JPFO, what the hell is keeping you? One of the finest pro-gun-rights organizations out there!

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 283
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 283 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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This is awfully... awful:

If The Clintons Are Worth 50 Million, Why Do They Get Nearly A Million A Year From The Taxpayers?
by Michael Snyder
Since leaving the White House, the Clintons have earned at least 100 million dollars and currently have a net worth of up to 50 million dollars. So why in the world do the taxpayers need to give Bill Clinton $944,000 to fund his extravagant lifestyle in 2014? If ordinary Americans truly understood how much money many former politicians are being handed every year they would go bananas. According to a Congressional Research Service report that was published earlier this year, the federal government has given a total of nearly 16 million dollars to Bill Clinton since 2001. Each one of those dollars is a dollar that some U.S. taxpayer worked really hard for or that we had to borrow. Yes, we don't want our former presidents to go broke for a whole bunch of reasons, but it is absolutely absurd that we are showering them with millions upon millions of dollars.
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And anyone paying attention already knows this, but just in case:

Leftists Can't Handle the Truth
by John C. Wright
It is crucial to the worldview and self esteem of the Left that they regard themselves, despite all evidence to the contrary, as being morally and intellectually superior to their honorable opposition on the Right. A century long nightmare of the mass deaths, wars, broken lives, mass thefts, mass addiction to lying propaganda, and spiritual chaos spread by this political neurosis makes the act of total mental dishonesty needed to maintain this stance of presumptive intellectual superiority both difficult and comical to maintain, yet by heroic effort the Left manages to do so....

The prime evidence of their shamelessness is in the attitude, present in all writings of the Left that venture into philosophical areas, of disdain and dismissal toward the truth. I do not mean that they are untruthful. They are, but that is a side effect. I mean that on a fundamental and philosophical level, there is no place in their worldview for the concept that truth is objective.
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And this is just fascinating:

Visualizing Algorithms
by Mike Bostock
Algorithms are a fascinating use case for visualization. To visualize an algorithm, we don't merely fit data to a chart; there is no primary dataset. Instead there are logical rules that describe behavior. This may be why algorithm visualizations are so unusual, as designers experiment with novel forms to better communicate. This is reason enough to study them.

But algorithms are also a reminder that visualization is more than a tool for finding patterns in data. Visualization leverages the human visual system to augment human intellect: we can use it to better understand these important abstract processes, and perhaps other things, too.
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An let me wish all of you a pleasant 4th of July (or 2nd of July, depending)!

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