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Number 778, July 6, 2014

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Progressives are upset.

From a recent article in Slate comes an article that young people are "color blind", or at least put a value on being "color blind" and don't get racism. Arguably racism has left its scars that will require healing and the sociological equivalent of physical therapy and these kids need to learn this. However, this also means that bureaucrats who earn a living and gain power by administering "racial equity" programs are watching their rice bowls break. The projected 2025 end of racial inequality in America begins to believable. An excuse for statism is nearing its death.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the President can't make interim appointments when the Senate is still nominally in session, thus cancelling several appointments to the National Relations Board. In additional labor related issues, the Supreme Court ruled that people staying home to provide health care for their loved ones cannot be forced to pay union dues to do so. Now whether this hurts unions (who cannot force these people to pay money to the union without gaining any benefits) and their members (who ostensibly benefit from the clout this extra money turns in to) or corporate health care providers (whom people who could not afford to pay dues would have to turn to, paying the resultant bills from government aid) I cannot say.

The Supreme Court has ruled a Massachusetts law barring anti abortion protestors from coming within 25 feet of an abortion clinic. All nine Justices voted that this law was a violation of the protestors First Amendment rights. Without getting into the entire "freedom of choice versus right to life" debate, your right not to be told you are doing something wrong does not trump the express First Amendment right of others to criticize your choice or peaceably assemble to protest against businesses they find morally reprehensible. Remember this next time hoplophobes are gathered in front of your favorite gun store.

I am actually afraid to touch the Hobby Lobby case in this letter as there are so many issues involved. I will point out that it sets a limit on the power of the state to dictate the terms of the contract (written or unwritten) between worker and employer, a stand that progressive statists consider to be total anathema.

Both in popular opinion and before the Supreme Court the statists have taken a healthy set of lumps.

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