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Number 779, July 13, 2014

Centralised power, information,and control
isn't good for you. Decentralisation has a
huge role to play in you being more free.

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I've got to rub this in. Chicago, Illinois, USA is experiencing a murder rate proportional to it's population about half as high as that suffered by Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, EUM did at the height of the drug cartel wars. The same people that Chicago machine politicians armed to fight this war are the same people that provide the cocaine that finances the street gangs of Chicago. Most, though admittedly not all, of the slaughter going on In the City with Big Shoulders is related to a struggle to control the sale of this drug. Karmic payback is a bitch.

A couple of years ago the Federal government was swamped with illegal aliens who had committed serious crimes in the US (other than entering illegally.). It takes a certain amount of time to process people being deported so the serious criminals were expedited but the more peaceful illegal aliens were bumped back. Eventually a policy was adopted that Other than Mexican (OTM) children and women with children would be released on their own recognizance until their deportation hearing. While they would almost certainly be deported at this hearing, the government was not putting out a particular effort to catch them (remember, too busy with the more dangerous and criminally inclined illegal aliens).

Word got back to the violence ridden streets of Central America of this policy, where it translated as "Get into the US if you are a kid or woman with kids and you're in free." (at this time it must be pointed out as an aside that the engine driving the violence in Central America is the drug trade that created the hell in Juarez and Chicago described above.). These people are crossing in South Texas and walking up to Border Patrol Agents and turning themselves in to this day. However, they are now being held in detention until their hearings, most of which will result in deportation. The fastest any of them can be given the boot would be about two months, assuming there are no complications (Need for medical attention, some kind of valid claim to present that would prevent a summary deportation, etc.). This also assumes there are no undocumented alien drunk drivers, shoplifters, burglars, gang bangers, pushers, pimps, whores who roll their johns or other real criminals who've finished their sentences and are going to deportation hearings ahead of them.

There are 52,000 people and growing on this list. They are not the Bad Guys or the Enemy. The BG or E are crooked politicians from Washington DC to Tegucigalpa who made this mess and the other criminals who are taking advantage of it.

As a libertarian, I can always claim that these women and children's problem creates no obligation on me. As a Christian my point of view is somewhat different. What surprises me is the number of people who would call themselves "good Christians" and who denounce the libertarians' for hardheartedness who are suddenly feeling a need to slam the door on people's faces.

On the Border we feel a need for KY jelly and oils, condoms, and prophylactic drugs when we are dealt with by Washington. Perhaps that can be a line on the bill when Congress finally coughs up the money to fix the mess they and the Administration have created down here.

Note: The descriptions of the laws, policies, procedures, and the current circumstances effecting the current situation in immigration is vastly oversimplified. It would take at least ten and more like thirty words for every one I used to describe it correctly.

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