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Number 780, July 20, 2014

The United States government is a police state,
run by maniacs who hate humanity. The United
States government is not civilisation.

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"Got the Wrong Slogan Writer" [last issue main page—Editor] seems quite obvious nonsense.

"Most Syrians struggle to even read Arabic" With an analphabetism rate of 9% among Syrian men, I wonder where that comes from.

English is taught from grade 1 in Syria (well, it was, at least until the civil war). So, it's highly improbable that no one in the crowd would have been able to read the signs.

& then the people who share this crap can't even agree on who did it: "Bus Fare to anti British protest Rally: 7.55 Paint and Canvas for protest signs: 38.75 Asking an ex-Falklands veteran of 2nd Para to translate your anti-British signs from Arabic—PRICELESS This picture is not doctored"

Here's Snopes' take on it:


PS: Please don't publish my email address! Thanks.

[ It's the funniest stuff that always turns out to be fake. Or almost always. "So it goes...."—Editor ]

Anti-immigrant silliness

Just something you might like:


Kent McManigal

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