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Number 781, July 27, 2014

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What a Surprise
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

What I find the most amusing about the disaster that is known as Obamacare is the way that members of the mainstream media seem to act so surprised about its shortcomings. Though it does go to show how bad the situation is when members of the mainstream media are acknowledging it, even though they were the ones who were waving pom-poms when this joke of a law was rammed down the throats of the American people. Usually I wouldn't be this amused about having one of the worst laws in the history of our government shoved down our throats, but I couldn't help, but laugh at the people who tried to act shocked about this roll out being an epic disaster.

I love the way that people acted so shocked about the website being so defective. Really? Is it that much of a shock that the same company that the government used to build the website was the same one that found itself fired by the Canadian government when they botched their gun registry system. How much of a loser are you to find yourself getting canned by government bureaucrats? For that matter how much of a jackass do you have to be to hire these same screw-ups to handle something as vital as healthcare? Only in government can you truly fail upward.

Gee, who could have foreseen all this? I don't know. Maybe it was me and just about everybody else who opposed this monstrosity. Seriously, when has the government ever made things more efficient? Where were these idiots during Katrina or Ike? The government was as about as useful as a Rottweiler chasing his stub tail. For that matter have any of these people been to the post office or the DMV lately?

Despite the epic failure that is Obamacare, it still has its share of defenders. Obama zombies, oh excuse me, Obama supporters are having to lick the wounds that they constantly receive from defending this joke of a system. These are the same rogue scholars that defend the post office and our government schools, which have pretty much made us the laughing stock of the world. They tell us that there are just a few bugs in the system and that it can be easily fixed. Really? Haven't they been promising us this for decades with the post office and the government school system? They even try to use Medicare as an example of a system having a few glitches that were fixed. So the best example they can come up with is a system that is destined to go bankrupt in a few decades. As for the government getting around to fixing the bugs in the system, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Sadly the glitches in the website weren't even the worst aspect of this travesty. It's amazing how this law has basically done the exact opposite of what it promised the American people. Instead of being affordable and allowing Americans to keep their plans as promised, it has led to mass cancellations of people's insurance policies. This has limited people's choices to the policies that are even more expensive. Also it has led to fewer people being insured. Basically the Affordable Care Act is the opposite of everything that Obama and his cronies have promised it to be (even the name).

Of course we also have supporters of this law, who try to deflect blame on others. They blame the Republicans, which I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around. Though it wouldn't be complete without the usual "blame it on the insurance companies" excuse, where they assume that people don't know that it was their regulations that made it difficult for the insurance companies to function in the first place. These same statist try to justify it by saying that none of the policies were any good and that the people actually benefited from losing them. I just love how the left has given up hiding their elitist attitudes. Apparently they don't think the people are smart enough to decide whether they need their insurance to cover birth control or Viagra or whether a sixty-year-old women needs maternity leave.

What this really reminds me of is this scene in the highly underrated Leap of Faith with Steve Martin. For those of who haven't seen the movie, Steve Martin plays a conman posing as a preacher who performs fake miracles for gullible believers willing to empty their wallets. One day, the Steve Martin character is pressured into using his "faith healing" powers on a teenage boy who can't walk. At first he tries to avoid the kid, since he knows that he isn't one of his usual actors who fake illnesses for him to cure. Unfortunately for him his flock pressures him into "healing" the kid. After doing his usual mumbo jumbo, the kid tries to get out of his wheel chair and walk, only to stumble onto the ground. Martin then turns to the police officer in the audience who had been suspicious of this ministry from day one and tries to put the blame on him for being a nonbeliever. That pretty much sums up the whole Obamacare fiasco. They try to make us all buy into a Ponzi scheme that most rational people know isn't going to work and when it fails, they turn around and blame those same people for its failure. The only difference is that the Steve Martin character in the movie does eventually grow a conscience when he witnesses a genuine miracle (I won't go into much detail for those who are interested in seeing the movie), which I don't believe that this administration is capable of doing.

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