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Neale's Weekly Gun Rant Volume 7-27-2014
by Neale Osborn

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Mama Liberty will not be a part of this week's rant because I ran out of time to get something, and that is a shame.

Ahhh, the economic benefits of gun control are present once again. [Link] EVERY TIME lawmakers decide to violate the rights of their constituents, they only hurt the constituents. Gun related businesses are fleeing such anti-Constitutional states as New York, Connecticut, Colorado, and California over their repeated assaults on the legality of their business. Beretta being the latest to join the flood, this time out of Maryland.

Maryland's outgoing governor, Martin O'Malley, is rumored to be a Democratic presidential candidate in 2016. He's been a cheerleader for gun control and a number of other "progressive" wish list items.

However, there has been a cost.

"Under O'Malley and [Lt. Gov. Anthony] Brown, Maryland has lost 8,000 businesses and unemployment has nearly doubled," said Larry Hogan, the Republican nominee for governor. "In fact, 26 percent of our manufacturing base, and with it 25,000 jobs, has disappeared; today, Maryland is dead last in the nation in manufacturing."

Change Maryland, a grassroots group founded by Hogan, said there have been 24 tax and fee increases that have removed an additional $2.4 billion annually from the state economy.

Way to go Maryland—destroy your economy, cost yourself thousands of jobs, and billions in tax revenue—just what the state needs in this Obama-wrecked economy.

And now, a few more proofs that guns can NEVER be used by armed Americans to save lives [Link] Jeffery Hopkins was in a nearby car, and when he saw the attack, he jumped out to intervene. He told WFTV that he was in the right place at the right time, and that he initially thought Thorpe was punching Sacco. Then Hopkins saw the knife:

"As I was getting out, I noticed the guy had a knife in his hand so I went for my gun and took him down," Hopkins said. "He looked at me very scared. Then realized I was serious and dropped the knife and laid down immediately."

Hopkins held Thorpe at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene. Former paramedic Josh Juliano pulled over and treated Sacco.

And then there's this [Link]

An Alabama grandmother used a 9mm handgun to shoot an intruder who had entered her home.

According to the Daily Caller, Phyliss Law, 63, was at her home in Prichard, Alabama when she realized someone was trying to break in. She immediately grabbed her gun and an extra magazine.

"Next thing I know, he hit the lights and put all the lights on and I'm saying to myself, 'This person been here before to know where all my lights at,'" she told WALA.

Law went to the living room and got down on the ground while her granddaughter hid in a closet.

"He just comes strolling walking around," she said. "By the time...He was right here I saw the blue jogging basketball pants he was wearing. And when he got there I jumped up and just start shooting. I have no idea where I hit him. He fell right there on the floor there."

As WALA reports, Law fired three shots. The first shot hit the suspect in the head. The other two shots hit the the air conditioning unit which the intruder had crawled inside of after being shot.

Law, who boarded up her windows after a previous burglary, said she didn't want to end up a victim.

"When they're coming in, they're coming in you don't know what they have on them. A lot of them come in people's house, kill me, take what they want and leave. Well, like I said, not here. No, no they are not going to walk up in here. They did enough," she said.

When police arrived on the scene, Law removed the magazine from her gun and took out her ID. Police handcuffed her while they assessed the situation, but they eventually let her go.

The injured suspect is expected to survive his injuries. A second suspect was also arrested nearby.

And one cannot forget how an armed good guy at an active shooter scene can never save the day. [Link]


49-year-old patient Richard Plotts and his caseworker, 53-year-old Theresa Hunt, went into the office of psychiatrist, Dr. Lee Silverman for an appointment. Shortly after arriving a heated argument broke out, and a staffer peaked through the door to see the patient, Plotts, pointing a handgun at Silverman. The staffer then quietly shut the door and dialed 911 to alert police.

Plotts opened fire and shot Hunt in the face. She died at the scene.

That's when Silverman crouched behind his desk and retrieved his firearm. He was able to fire several shots at Plotts, striking him twice in the torso and once in the arm.

* * * *

After doctor and patient exchanged gunfire, the suspect fled to a hallway. There, hospital employees wrestled him to the ground and took his weapon, Whelan said.

Plotts had 39 bullets left on him when he was apprehended--bullets police believe he intended to use.

"I believe that if the doctor did not have a firearm, (and) the doctor did not utilize the firearm, he'd be dead today, and I believe that other people in that facility would also be dead," Whelan said.

Yeadon Police Chief Donald Molineux said that "without a doubt, I believe the doctor saved lives."

"Without that firearm, this guy (the patient) could have went out in the hallway and just walked down the offices until he ran out of ammunition," he said.

The incident occurred at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby--a facility that bars anyone except on-duty law enforcement officers from carrying weapons on campus, a Mercy Health System spokeswoman told the Washington Post. She declined to discuss why Silverman was armed at work.

* * * *

Hopefully Dr. Silverman, who likely prevented a mass shooting from occurring, will not lose his job for violating hospital rules by having a gun at work.

This tragic case is another example of how ridiculous "gun-free zone" policies are. If Silverman didn't have access to a firearm on Thursday, the outcome of this incident probably would have been far more devastating.

How dare these people not wait meekly for Officer Friendly to show up and clean up the mess? Although I'd suggest Grandma take a few more trips to the range—The headshot rocks, but what the hell did the AC unit do to you?

Our beloved Liar-In-Chief, after refusing to stand up to Putin over Crimea, after rolling over and peeing on his belly instead of responding to a request for help from the Ukraine president, after Russian supported and armed rebels shot down a passenger jet, has finally struck a severe blow to Russia. He has banned the import of Russian made AK-47 rifles, and other weapons that use the same action and are made in Russia. Of COURSE this has nothing at all to do with his disdain for the 2nd Amendment. [Link] It is still legal to buy them, and to sell them IF you own them, but if your gun shop owes money to the manufacturer, you are not permitted to sell your existing stock. I wonder how legal THAT is, Mr. "I don't need to follow the law, I have a pen and a phone!" Obama.

Following Obama's July 16 executive order banning the importation of Russian made AK-47s and other firearms that use the famous "Kalashnikov" action, sales of Russian AK-47s have gone through the roof. Thus solidifying Obama's position as gun salesman of the decade.

I guess he IS bucking for a job for after he is done destroying America.

This is just too damn funny. [Link] Shit-cago is paying the price for it's egregious anti-Constitutional stance, and I think that's hilarious. I'm not a fan of the NRA, but they sure did it up right this time. I might even eventually re-new my membership.

Fairfax, Va.—The United States District Court in the Northern District of Illinois has ordered the City of Chicago to reimburse $940,000 in legal expenses incurred by the NRA. The NRA had challenged Chicago's ban on gun sales within city limits in Benson v. City of Chicago. The Benson case was consolidated into Illinois Association of Firearm Retailers v. City of Chicago and that case challenged five aspects of Chicago's law: (1) the ban on any form of carriage; (2) the ban on gun stores; (3) the ban on firing ranges; (4) the ban on self-defense in garages, porches, and yards; and (5) the ban on keeping more than one gun in an operable state.

This is the second time that the City of Chicago has been ordered to reimburse legal fees in a suit sponsored by the NRA. The first was following the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling in McDonald v. City of Chicago in which Chicago was ordered to reimburse the NRA more than $600,000.

Add the two judgments together, and the City of Chicago now owes the NRA more than $1.5 million.

Maybe, just maybe, the sheeple of Shit-cago will wake up and boot the assholes out, and cut crime the old-fashioned way—with dead criminals.

Believe me, I know I'm going to take heat for this, but once again, Islam proves it is not a religion of peace. We've all heard of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) which has declared it is the new Islamic Caliphate—you know, what right-wingers have been harping about for years. What the left, and moderates, and even some Republicans have called an imaginary threat. Well, ISIS is proving the right-wingers to be correct. And even MSNBC has admitted it, without coming out and saying it. [Link] Say what you will about Israel, this is one un-deniable fact—The church mentioned in the article linked was built, and has been in constant use, since before Mohammed started screwing his 9 year old wife, and started spouting off about Allah in 610 AD. In fact, it had been in operation for more than 200 years at that point.

ISIS, which recently rebranded as the Islamic State, has solidified its control over Iraq's second-largest city by imposing Sharia law and expelling Christians who won't convert to Islam. The end of last month marked the first time a mass wasn't held in the city in more than 1600 years.

So far, not that big a tragedy, huh? Well, to be honest, I don't really care which fairytale believer is being mean to which OTHER fairytale believer. But this is NOT the act of a peaceful faith, But it gets worse.

Friday at noon was the deadline for Christian families to meet ISIS's demands: Convert to Islam, pay an anachronistic Islamic tax for non-Muslims known as jizya, leave Mosul, or be killed. But the day before the final exodus, Christians were informed jizya was no longer an option. The order came to convert, leave, or die.

On the way out of town last week, the final 1500 families of Mosul's Christian population were reportedly robbed at ISIS checkpoints. And following Friday's deadline, ISIS reportedly set fire to a 1800-year-old church.

Jizya (or Yizya) is a tax for NOT being Islamic in an Islamic state. Funny thing is, this church has been there since before Islam existed. But I repeat myself. Ennyhoo, ISIS was planning to tax Christians for being Christian. Which was actually rather enlightened of them, considering the other options available—convert from one fairytale to another (wrap that wife in rags, beat her with a stick no thicker than your thumb, don't let her drive, learn to read or write, and certainly do not consider her to be a thinking human being), leave the home you and your family have lived in for up to 1800 years, or die. The tax was actually kind of gentle for these miserable bastards. But they changed their minds (AFTER who knows how many Christians forked over the Jizya) and decided "Nope—Convert, leave, or die!" And when you leave (NOT that they will admit it) they steal everything you had of value. Then they destroy an 1800 year old historic church, because a religion of peace cannot tolerate the presence of ANOTHER religion of peace, so they bust their competitor into pieces. It scares me how sometimes, I can almost think that maybe the rightwingers are right, and we oughta slag the entire region and send in the Marines to paint lines on the parking lot once it all cools down.

So let me offer these words of advice to all the "good Muslims" out there, who profess they are part of a religion of peace—Get off your fucking asses (the one attached to your body, not the one wearing a saddle) get out of your house, get to the Mosque, and start tossing your radicals out on their asses. Do not tolerate their fanatic bullshit, do not join them and cheer when they kill some infidels, and do not let them speak for you unless you actually DO support what they say. Because there may well be a billion or so of you out there. but the OTHER 6 billion of us, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Pagan, Animist, Agnostic, Atheist (like me) or other faiths or lack thereof, out number you. And we are NOT all going to roll over and pay Jizya, convert, or die. And while I'd LOVE to have a stardrive, and to leave voluntarily. I'll be damned if I'll let a buncha religious shitheads kick me out of my home, or tax me for not believing as they do. And because I'm an atheist, I can't even pay the tax, it's the sword for me—so I might as well kill a buncha you bastards if you don't get your nutjobs under control.

For this week's Quotes, I have decided to update one of them. Enjoy, and try to figure out from whom I stole.

Sadly, if a man neglects to control his government, his government will NOT return the favor.

And last, but surely not least, unless one of the people I have contacted steps up to the plate, there will be no rant next week—I'll be camping with one of my sons and his Scout troop.

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