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Who They Working For?

America is at the edge of revolution. People are fed up with a growing police state marked by NSA surveillance, militarized police forces at all levels, Federal, state and local, and police who seem more and more committed to shooting or beating to death anyone, anywhere, anytime, no reason necessary. We are tired of the racism of both left and right. Those who call for change are being vindicated daily, the mainstream can no longer look away from this need.

Recently it has come out that there is reliable intelligence that ISIS is getting ready to strike out of Juarez and commit an act of terrorism in the United States, probably in El Paso, Texas. This would, of course, justify the surveillance state, the police state, the 200 mile Constitution free zone on the Border, delaying justice while America's Borders are defended.

One wonders who ISIS is working for.

A.X. Perez

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