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Number 787, September 7, 2014

Obama sucks at being a dictator.
FDR would be ashamed of him.

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Call me a black helicopter nut but there are a few disturbing items I omitted from my article—which I hope will not be my last.

During the course of the harvest we noted a few times there were helicopters (I don't think they were black ones) hovering around and about—obviously taking a good look at the place. It crossed my mind that the state might be curious about the clearing of trees underway and thought little of it. But then this morning after Matt loaded up the last of the logs in the staging area he commented on the tire tracks going up into my field. Two sets—presumably someone drove in and then out. And it was not him or his helper.

That has become a troubling issue that has troubled me as I headed off to work today. I called my friend "The Historian" and it was not him. So two other possibilities remain: joy riders who've got their nerve to trespass on private property. Or surveyors from the drilling industry which might be a good thing. Or the state government maybe doing a routine inspection to ensure regulatory compliance—OR—looking for a nitpicking reason to go after an outspoken critic of various policies. Who might spare no effort going over my property and private life with a fine tooth comb in order to find something. You know that thing Ayn Rand said about the only real power of government being the ability to create criminals. No matter how much we try to comply they can find something if they really want to.

Maybe fodder for a future article—if my worries are all for naught as they usually are. But the fact that I must worry is evidence that we no longer live in a free country—if it ever truly was.

Jeff Fullerton

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