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Number 788, September 14, 2014

Maybe it started with The Wizard of Oz,
but it's gotten completely out of hand.

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No Cigar
by L. Reichard White

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Maybe it started with The Wizard of Oz, but it's gotten completely out of hand. First there was al-Qaeda ("The Base"), apparently a name invented by the U.S. Justice Department to link a series of attacks to Osama bin Laden. But this newest ISIS franchise, conveniently billed as "too violent for al-Qaeda," has taken off and its popularity makes "Breaking Bad" look like a Jr. High School class play. In rural Wyoming.

But the script needs some patching.

First off, the western media MSM talking points prominently feature the "slick look" and "Deft Command of Varied Media" displayed by ISIS. As we all know, Western Media lacks these skills. And we can see with our own eyes that ISIS uses their media smarts to hype aggression, torture, de-capitation, murder, etc. And, as we all know, such mayhem instantly attracts followers of all religions by the millions. If it's in a Hollywood movie—or a U.S. Military recruiting video-game.

It looks like Uncle Sam's scripting team is recycling those "scary Muslim" memes left over from 9/11. The problem is, that all goes against the basic teachings of Islam and most other religions. Maybe they're hopeing critical thinking in the target audience will be Missing In Action. Or, perhaps, AWOL, since they've been scripting as if that's been gone for a long time.

And, we have the following partial list of "you must suspend disbelief" gaffs, glitches, and hurdles so far:

1. 1,700 ragtag "jihadis" driving pickup trucks take over half a country—where there are 30,000 opposing troops stationed—and they do it in a couple of weeks. Weird things do happen in Iraq, but really now. Remember Operation Desert Storm, hyped as "The Mother of All Battles?" But that took the entire mechanized U.S. military—Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines. And it took six weeks.
2. There are 40,000 Yazidi "villagers" trapped and surrounded on Mt. Sinjar, hundreds of miles from the fearsome 1,700 ragtag jihadis. Aside from 40,000 folks being awfully large for a "village," there's a problem with getting everyone to go along with anything, especially on short notice. Folks stayed in Fallujah during the U.S. massacre, for example. And there's the little problem with surrounding a whole mountain—and 40,000 armed people—with only 1,700 ragtag jihadis who are hundreds of miles away, busily taking over the other half of the country. This part of the fantasy was quickly dropped by U.S. Defense Sec. Hagel.
3. The guy who supposedly beheads the first U.S. reporter—with multiple camera angles—has a marked British accent. And the well-filmed incident echos a similar prominently hyped though peculiar beheading widely featured in 2006. And, of course, there's no mention that U.S. ally Saudi Arabia beheaded at least eight people last month, many for what we would consider minor crimes.
4. A guy who calls himself Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, declares himself chief potentate of what has now been inflated into the dread ISIS "Caliphate"—but via NSA leaks, we discover he's been trained by Israel's secret service, the Mossad. And apparently wears expensive western watches.
5. Also via NSA leaks, we discover that the CIA etc, with whom Mossad often works closely, has an operation named "the hornet's nest" with the express purpose of attracting all the world's jihadis to one place.

These are just the obvious surface problems with the script. You can probably come up with others.

You do have to give Uncle's team kudos for attempting to change the acronym from "ISIS"—which is the name of a Goddess—to the less harmonious "ISIL." Unfortunately, that isn't working any better than the attempt to change harmless-sounding "Osama" to the harsher "Usama."

And yes, it is inappropriate to compare ISIS with the U.S. record of 3.4 million men, women and children killed in Vietnam based on mistakes—and an attack that didn't happen, ~1 million dead Iraqis and total destruction of their infrastructure and society engineered by at least 935 documented U.S. lies—not to mention 500,000 kids dead by sanctions in pursuit of U.S. foreign policy, etc. The comparison is inappropriate because nothing is as well-funded as the U.S. Government.

No, no, I won't speculate on the interesting possibility that Uncle Sam's traditional subversion units miscalculated again and "the hornet's nest" has gotten completely out of hand, taken on a life of it's own, and really does threaten Western Civilization. However I will suggest that with all the taxpayer money the U.S. MilitaryIndustrialCongressionalComplex spends on war inductions, we deserve more believable fairy tales and a much tighter script.

Or is it supposed to be a comedy?

A friend just pointed out that the scripters are using that British accent to induce a titillating sense of fear in the home audience by suggesting "ISIS is everywhere." I bet you've heard that soundbyte—or will soon. It grooms the population for war and more repression at home. Apparently they lifted that plot twist directly from well-known false-flag classic, Operation Northwoods.

My bad. It's NOT a comedy.

And no cigar.

L. Reichard White [send him mail] taught physics, designed and built a house, ran for Nevada State Senate, served two terms on the Libertarian National Committee, managed a theater company, etc. but his hobby is explaining things he wishes someone had explained to him. You can find a few of his other explanations listed here.

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