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ISIS/ISIL, Peace, and True Security
by Neale Osborn

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I don't know everything, but this I DO know—

Islam is not a religion of peace. NO religion that still advocates for conversion of non-believers by the sword can be. I've read the Qu'ran, and it has a lot to say that I find tolerable, and even some things that are admirable. Their rules for hospitality and charity can be wonderfully kind. That being said, a religion that carefully lays out what thickness of rod you may use to beat your wife is NOT a kindly faith. A religion that considers anyone who does NOT follow the faith to be worthy of only converting or killing is not a religion of faith. Any religion that lists members of certain faiths (Judaism and Christianity) as having abandoned the correct faith (Islam), and thus being apostates, who must immediately revert (return to Islam, even though in reality they were never a part of Islam at all) and submit to Allah or be executed is not a religion of peace. And last but not least, any religion that has a specific set of laws (Shariah) that must be instituted on a worldwide basis, these laws specifically setting forth behaviors that must be followed by all, even those NOT of the faith, or face draconian punishments, is not a religion of peace. Nor is a religion that lists the types of people you may make into slaves particularly peaceful, either.

Now, Christianity and Judaism are not perfect by any stretch. I was raised a Christian, and am no longer. My personal take is simple—I do not know if there is a supreme being, and do not really care. I'll find out sooner or later. But unlike Islam, both Christianity and Judaism evolved beyond their brutal beginnings. Except for a few extreme cases, like the Westboro Bible Baptist nutcases, Christianity no longer advocates Convert'em or Kill'em. And the nutcases are universally called out by their co-religionists as both wrong AND evil. And this is where the problem begins.

When a psychopathic scumbag who happens to be Muslim screams "Allahu Ahkbar!" and blows up himself and 50 innocents, you do not hear 99% of Islam calling his actions barbaric, and saying he doesn't represent their views. A few apologists do surface, but most of Islam remains silent, or cheers him on. When 19 fanatic Muslims fly planes into buildings, we didn't see Muslims backing away from those actions. Instead, we saw them celebrating in the streets in support of their brave young men who struck such a blow to the Great Satan.

Now, we have Israeli Mossad experts telling us we're going to take a severe hit from these Islamic terrorists here in the US, and that what we need to do is.......... Abandon the Constitution. Start searching bags before people even enter the airports. Become a nation of panicers who call Big Brother the moment we see an unattended bag, who squeals for help any time we see ANYONE we might possibly suspect (but never suspect an Arab-looking male aged 18-25, carrying a backpack and looking around nervously—THAT is racist). Surrender more of our freedoms from warrantless searches, tolerate government monitoring of our bank accounts, e-mails, phone records, and etc. Start stripping bare prior to entering an airplane. So, in order to survive, we must cease being American. Ben Franklin had something to say about that—"They who would surrender essential liberties for temporary security shall soon find they have neither." "But", I hear you saying, " what else can we do?" It's simple—fight back.

Stop tolerating being unarmed victims—we have the 2nd Amendment—USE the fucking thing. Carry at all times (AFTER you learn how to use the safely use the thing—owning a gun does not make you armed, any more than owning a Corvette makes you NASCAR driver.) Refuse to go places where the owners or the law prohibit you from exercising that right. Do not submit meekly to TSA searches—drive, take a bus or train, or skip the trip. AND TELL THE AIRLINES WHY YOU AREN'T FLYING—it won't be long before you see them suing the government over the interference in their businesses. And when/if some fine upstanding Muslim lad stands up to proudly proclaim "Allahu Ahkbar!!" send that bastard to MEET Allah..... via high-velocity lead injections.

"So when some fanatics are out to have fun
There's no place to hide, and no place to run
Then pray that the law let's you carry a gun
And fight back however you can." —"Flight 93", Leslie Fish.

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