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Rabid Crapweasel!

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When turtles are outlawed only outlaws will have turtles.

Listing a rare turtle or tortoise under the Endangered Species Act will do little to save the species in its native country—which often means impoverished third world country where conservation is low on the list of priorities. It will however make environmental zealots who have taken over most wildlife agencies happy in the fact that the red tape involved in moving a federally protected species across state lines will hamper captive breeding efforts which they don't like anyway.

Better they go extinct than be defiled by private ownership in someone's turtle pen or terrarium.

Jeff Fullerton

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Okay, now I get it:

See: Mohammedanism and Science Fiction by John C. Wright, et al

Partial excerpts:

* * *

My assumption is that once Jihadists provokes a warlike culture that is not hindered by a Leftwing self-loathing, or chained by Christian notions of chivalry and charity, they will be hunted down and obliterated. The tactic of hiding behind your own children is serviceable only against a foe, like us, who cares more about your children than you do.

* * *

However, to return to the question, while I doubt the axiom of the question, I agree with the conclusion: an Islamic Civilization could exist built on the backs of a conquered Christian civilization, as existed in Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Minor, that is, on the backs of the Byzantine Empire. It cannot exist without a host to feed off of. The scientific world view cannot exist outside the orbit of Christendom and never has — what happens in pagan cultures which study and practice science, is that the science become politicized, controlled by the pagan ideology: look at the sudden lack of contributions to science after the Thirteenth Century from the Middle East, look at Lysenko in Russia, look at the so-called Race sciences in Nazi Germany, look at the role of Junk Science, Global Warming and so on, in modern America. None of these examples halted the progress of real science, but we can imagine the result if they were the majority and the dominant paradigm.

This is because the central idea of a rational universe is impossible without a rational creator. The postmodernists do not believe in reason, or any narratives, and the Muslims do not believe the creator is rational, as this would impose an unendurable restriction on the majesty of their lonely non-trinitarian god.

* * *

* * *

Comment by Andrew Brew:
Most people are unaware of Islam’s hostility to reason, although you do not have to look far to discover it. The fact there were a couple of reason-friendly episodes under the Caliphs (9th century Baghdad, 10th century Córdoba), make it easy for presenters of TV shows to gloss over the rest of Islamic history and present these exceptions as the norm.

A. Reader

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