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Number 793, October 19, 2014

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Sauce for the Goose
by L. Neil Smith

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Every successful revolution puts on in time the robes of the tyrant it has deposed.
—Barbara Tuchman

Throughout its history, American culture, otherwise a shining beacon of individual liberty, has suppressed the freedom of certain minority groups, among them, homosexuals. Unbelievable physical brutality and evil, repressive, unjust laws characterized this period. In the latter part of the twentieth century, and the early part of the twenty-first, that highly regrettable situation has been turned on its head.

In Denver, a baker is being persecuted by authorities for refusing to violate his religious principles by making a wedding cake for two males.

Before this goes any further, allow me to state that I have long been an advocate of gay rights, including the right to marry the person of one's choice. The principle is simple: the tax money of gay individuals is used to pay for the local courthouse, for the structure and operation of local government. Therefore, whatever benefits taxpayers may enjoy as a result of those operations, for which they have been forced at gunpoint to pay, all taxpayers must benefit equally.

In Washington state, an innocent Christian florist is being persecuted by the state for refusing to supply flowers for a lesbian wedding.

As a libertarian, I have no more love for Christian doctrine than I have for Sharia law. But to compel individuals to act against their conscience, no matter how irrational it may be, and no matter how (non-violently) obnoxious others may find it, is nothing short of slavery.

And now, cheered on by the trolls and gremlins of the ACLU, the addle-pated and cowardly governor of Arizona has made the problem even worse with her veto of a bill that would have forbidden this kind of travesty. In short, considerations of political correctness now officially trump the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Doubtless, it was on the strength of this sort of event that the lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, signed into law official permission (as if any were required) for men—of a certain mind-set—to use women's bathrooms, and women to use men's. All that's required is a statement that "today I'm feeing like a woman" from the man, and a similar statement from the woman. Houston Christian ministers, it's said, are up in arms about this, opinion polls say 82 percent of the people oppose it, and three times as many petition signatures were gathered as are necessary to force a repeal vote, The pet official in charge of such things disallowed enough signatures to squelch that proposal.

I gather that the pulpiteers' ire was fully arisen. War has been declared.

And then, possibly the most ludicrously stupid political stunt in the twenty-first century so far, was pulled by the mayor. She ordered the subpoena of the local ministers' sermons which, presumably, would be examined and judged for political correctness. Preachers could go to jail for discrimination, or they could for refusing to provide the sermons.

Take a look again, at the Tuchman quote with which I started this article. Certain gays, it would appear, after years, decades, and centuries of discrimnation and abuse, presently in prominent positions—certainly an admirable achievement, made possible by the tolerance and undertanding of non-gays—have utterly failed to learn a bloody thing.

I demand, in return for growing recognition of gay rights in this country, that gays recognize the rights of others, and cease their fascistic behavior. I'm sure there are gays who agree with me. We need to rebuild America from the wreckage Obama and his ilk have made of it.

Houston's mayor isn't helping.

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