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Number 793, October 19, 2014

Uncompromising advocacy of unfettered Freedom

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The High Frontier: My Cup of Tea!
by Jeff Fullerton

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Had a few more good belly laughs and raised spirit this week when I discovered a cheesy video about the "Tea Party Space Invaders" this week. Perhaps a little dated and not very well done but if you can bear with it a little while there are some enlightening insights to be had.

Yes it is cheesy and badly scripted.
Long too. I bailed out when they got around to looking up Jim Demint. The best part was the beginning scene in the cafe with the progressive liberal guy freaking when his coffee turns out to be TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta Love it!

A spoiler—in case you don't care to even sit through it even as long as I did: the only good thing is that the dastardly plots attributed to the "Tea Party space invaders" are everything that the Left conspires to do strait out of the play books of Saul Alinsky & Cloward & Pivens! If you have a working understanding of how the Left operates; the truthful irony is "as plain as the noses on your ugly little primate faces"—so said the Q Entity of Star Trek fame to Captain Picard!

I keep thinking of the object of that man's loathing. The loathing of progressives in general: People wearing 18th Century garb, waving teabags, talking about things like the Bill of Rights and limited government and the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Global warming denial. Self determination. Private property rights, guns and self-defense.

Uncompromising advocacy of unfettered Freedom.

In a way it's actually comforting that they hate us so much. We Despised Baggers who are pervasive and persistent like the dust that hangs between the stars.
We are the Human weeds in their obsessively cultivated and manicured Garden of Tyranny that spring from an eternal seed bank and will never be eradicated completely!

But instead of coming from outer space—the Tea Party is better taking off in the opposite direction. At the wave front of a new frontier expanding outward into the cosmos rather than trying to take back the home planet with all of its myriad problems and age old conflicts. You can't help people who don't want to be helped and you can't make people who want to be different from you; be like you and to like you or get along with others they don't like. Maybe for a while with the iron hand of authority—like is the case for assimilating recruits from diverse backgrounds into the conformist culture of the military or different ethnic groups into an empire—but the effort is generally unsustainable in the long run and eventually breaks down as people get tired of social discipline and want to go their separate ways. Like the rulers of the Soviet Bloc found out in the latter days of the Cold War and the Proggies will find out eventually too.

At best we might turn things around in our own nation for a while. But not likely forever. In the short run it will be necessary if we are ever to get out of here and off the planet. If we are lucky—just long enough to open the door to the Solar System and establish a toehold for Freeholder settlements in the Asteroid Belt. That vast band of resource rich rocks between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter that will become the stepping stones to Alpha Centauri and beyond.

Now that's what I call My Cup of Tea!!!!!!!!!!!

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