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Neale's Gun Rant for 10-19-2014
by Neale Osborn

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For those who aren't familiar with these little forays into the gun rights and political and individual rights world, these generally start with a piece from Mama Liberty. And here is this week's tidbit. [Link] This is a continuation of an earlier article of hers.

In part 1, long ago now, I covered the basics of situational awareness in some specific situations, along with some simple drills to help people practice this highly important skill. If you have not seen the first article or don't already practice awareness, I urge you to click the link above and come back for part 2.

Hopefully, you are not walking or driving while talking or "texting" on the telephone, listening to music or otherwise zoned out. Walking or driving while unaware, or minimally aware of your surroundings, is a prime contributor to becoming a victim, whether of a criminal attack or just running into something. Even those who think they can seriously multi task will be at increased risk if they don't actually see and understand what is happening around them.

Remember that criminals look for and target the unaware, anyone perceived to be weak, the elderly, anyone they see as probably helpless. If you look like food.... you may be eaten.

Follow the link. Read the rest. Ya KNOW it'll be good........

We are all between a rock and a hard place right now. Ebola is coming.... Hell, it's here! Now, what to do about it. Common sense would tell us to stop people from areas where Ebola is an epidemic from coming to our shores. With the porous southern border (hell, KIDS walk over it all the time) what's the point? So what do we do? Don't ask ME, I don't have a clue what will work. But taking the temperature of people (1 in 8 Ebola patients never spike a fever), asking if they have diarrhea (1 in 3 don't get it) or vomiting (ditto) or feeling fatigued or loss of appetite (1 in 4 don't get fatigue or loss of appetite) so what will work? Got an idea? Lemme know!

The United States Secret Service, or SS, (isn't THAT an appropriate moniker?) has faced a lot of crap lately (as it should) and here is another dose. [Link] SS agents tried to get police officers to imply they had a warrant in order to hoodwink a man out of his apartment in Nashville, Tenn. back in January.

The allegations regarding the January 2013 incident are contained in a letter that Anderson sent last week to several members of the House Committee on Oversight. That's the congressional committee that has spearheaded the on-going investigation into the Secret Service. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson was recently forced to resign as a result of that scandal.

"There's already a lot of fodder to attack the Secret Service with, and this will be more," said Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tennessee, who was among the committee members who received the letter.

In the Nashville case, a Secret Service agent made a frantic call for backup to Nashville police after he and another agent went to the home of a Nashville man, investigating threatening comments on Facebook about the President. The man who posted them had refused to let the agents into his house.

"He shoved the door in our face and went around the corner. Looks like, we're not sure if he ... possibly he had a gun in his hands," the agent told a 911 operator.

In a letter that he first sent to Secret Service headquarters, the Nashville police chief recounted what happened.

"The resident refused to come outside and shouted back, 'Show me your warrant,'" Anderson wrote.

So "one of the agents then asked a [police] sergeant to 'wave a piece of paper' in an apparent effort to dupe the resident into thinking that they indeed had a warrant."

I laud the Nashville PD for refusing to play along, and to go on to prohibit the SS from continuing their "investigation".

This is amazing—this idiot tells this girl that she cannot exercise 1st Amendment rights on a street. [Link] This video is amazing. She's standing for the elimination of Free Speech Zones, and she's advocating for her group "Students for Concealed Carry". I love it that she keeps perfectly calm and polite. Though she IS wrong on one part—hate speech IS protected. Not necessarily liked, but it certainly is protected.

Let me preface this by reminding one and all that I am not supporting religion—I find it all a waste of time to one who favors the scientific approach. However, one DOES have the right to both practice your religion free of government interference AND to speak freely while doing so. As the First Amendment clearly states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. But apparently, the Democrat city council of Houston doesn't think this is true. [Link]

Officials with the city of Houston, Texas, who are defending a controversial ordinance that would allow men to use women's restrooms now have demanded to see the sermons preached by several area pastors.

The recent move came in a subpoena from the city to pastors for copies of their sermons and other communications in the city's legal defense of a "non-discrimination" measure that allows "gender-confused" people to use public restrooms designated for the opposite sex.

A lawsuit challenging Houston's move alleges the city violated its own charter in its adoption of the Equal Rights Ordinance, which in May designated homosexuals and transgender persons as a protected class.

Critics say the measure effectively enables sexual predators who dress as women to enter female public bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities. A coalition of activists that includes area pastors filed suit Aug. 6 against the city and lesbian Mayor Annise Parker after officials announced a voter petition to repeal the measure didn't have enough signatures to qualify for the election ballot.

Now, personally, I don't give a damn if bathrooms are bi-sex or segregated by sex. Just allow each defecator a door to shut for privacy, and I'm content. I do not believe that the law Houston passed makes any sense at all SOLELY because it keeps bathrooms segregated sexually, but allows it to be de-segregated for cross dressers only. So let me see, if I go in the ladies room in jeans and a tee shirt, I'm a pervert, but if I put on a dress, it's cool. But wait, some WOMEN wear jeans and a tee shirt..... I'm confused. But I have digressed. Pastors have the right to preach the tenets of their faith. If that faith holds homosexuality to be a sin, they are going to preach against it. And that is THEIR right, and none of the Mayor's business. They can call a law sinful (their protected religious right), they can protest the law and organize an attempt to repeal it (their protected political AND religious right), and as long as they physically hurt no one, they have done nothing wrong. What they do NOT have to do is provide a government proctor copies of past sermons, nor submit future sermons to proctors for approval, editing, or cancelling. This is STILL a Constitutional Republic, with certain enumerated rights guaranteed to one and all. Hey Mayor Parker—you don't have the right to stop their rights to oppose you. So shut up, love your wife, and keep fighting the GOOD fight (to protect and increase gay marriage) and stop fighting the evil fight (to trample the rights of others to oppose a law they don't agree with).

These people are just too damn evil to allow to exist in Progressive America.... [Link] [Link] For the first link, this evil grandfather

In the anonymous man's own words, "Some wild man comes out of the weeds towards me at the house. He comes walking over toward me I could tell he was messed up,"

One thing most gun owners know is that when approached by someone who appears to be under the influence of drugs it's best to act in the defensive.

As the surprised trucker reacted to the situation, he had but one choice, prepare to defend himself or be attacked and possibly killed.

As he relayed to the local news station, "I don't know really what to think and I don't know really why he thought he had to talk to me but he had a pair of gloves of mine on. [So] I pulled my gun out and put it to his forehead and told him to sit down and called 911 and I'm thinking I don't want to shoot this guy."

Would you look at that, he didn't want to shoot the guy.

How incredibly reasonable, and so incredibly hard to believe for our liberal friends who think every gun owner is a rabid trigger puller.

SURE he didn't—he probably just forgot to load his steel sexual object. How dare he object to someone helping themselves to his goods!!! Then, we have this, even MORE evil event, from the second link above.

When three Spanish-speaking males broke into a Harris County, Texas home, they probably thought they were going to walk right in and walk right out.

It is not known whether the men were in Texas illegally or not. But because of the lax enforcement of border laws in the state of Texas, the men might have thought burglarizing a home would be something they could easily get away with.

Little did they know one of them was about to lose his life.

Eight people were inside of the home when the men broke in. The grandmother, joined by her three granddaughters, were inside of the kitchen cooking breakfast at 4:30 a.m. when the armed men forced entry into the home.

The woman's adult son heard the commotion, and when he heard the grandmother's plea for the men "not to hurt the girls," he sprung into action. As eight people were in the home at the time, he had to act quickly.

In true Texas fashion, the man quickly found himself in a standoff situation with the men. Before the men had a chance to respond, the son pulled the trigger and dropped one of the thugs like a bad habit.

The official statement given by the Harris County Sheriff's Department confirmed that the man acted in self-defense.

Of COURSE the Sheriff won't press charges against this racist—EVERYONE'S RACIST IN TEXAS (except for the criminals, of course). How dare this man kill an innocent man, who probably didn't realize it was private property, and was just trying to evict some squatters....

Somehow I forgot to mention it last week, but I wish to extend my thanks to all of you who responded to my question about ParaOrdnance double-stacked 1911s. Now my only decision is LDA or original flavor.....

I knew about this one last week, and it somehow slipped below my radar. Thanks to Tony (again) for reminding me of it! [Link] This one pisses me off on SOOO many levels, I hardly know where to begin. So I'll start with a copy of the linked article.

MOBILE, Alabama (WPMI)—An Alabama mother is furious that her 5-year-old daughter was forced to sign a school contract stating she wouldn't kill herself or anyone else at school.

School officials told Rebecca, who did not want to give her last name, they had to send 5-year-old Elizabeth home after an incident in class.

"They told me she drew something that resembled a gun. According to them she pointed a crayon at another student and said 'pew pew'," Rebecca explained.

Rebecca says her daughter was then given a questionnaire to evaluate her for suicidal thoughts and given a Mobile County Public School safety contract to sign stating she wouldn't kill herself or others.

"While I was in the lobby waiting, they had my 5-year-old sign a contract about suicide and homicide," Rebecca says. "There should be a different way to handle this situation. If this is protocol it needs to be looked at again."

Rebecca is pushing to have the incident removed from her child's record. She says school officials have requested her child see a psychiatrist. She refused.

We'll start with the mindless asininity of the school "officials". First, this was only an "incident" because no one at the school has a shred of gray matter between their ears. She drew something that resembled a gun, and pretended to shoot at a school mate with a crayon. THIS is an incident? SHIT! I never knew my entire class was having incidents on the schoolyard during recess every day! my notebooks were covered with drawings of sharks and divers killing each other (I had watched Thunderball, the James Bond movie, with my father that year) in 6th grade. Next, instead of simply telling the child "Don't do that anymore, we don't play guns at school.", they give her a questionnaire to "evaluate her for suicidal thoughts". Well, after being made to feel like some kind of sick freak (and most likely not even understanding what she'd done to merit such humiliation) these mindless imbeciles make a 5 year old child sign a contract promising not to kill herself or anyone else in school. Oh, how my fucking brain hurts over this. NOW the school officials have shown her that they think she's so fucked up she might hurt herself or others—how's THAT gonna sit in a 5 year old's mind? "My teacher, Miss Jones, thinks I'll hurt myself, or my best friend Sally. WHY? What's wrong with me?" Poor Elizabeth is gonna need a shrink all right, but NOT because of a damn drawing or a crayon-gun, but because of her teacher and principal. Now, we get to Mommy. I'm sorry, Rebecca, but are you brain dead as well? All you are worried about is her school record??? REALLY???? First, you yank that poor child out of that school so fast the school system has windows breaking from the vacuum you created. Next, you tell the poor little girl that the teachers/counselors/principal are evil people who were being mean to her, and there was nothing she did that would EVER make Mommy and Daddy think she was dangerous to herself or her friends. THEN you file a lawsuit against all the participants in this horrid assault upon your girl's psyche, the school system, and if ANY medical personnel were brought in to assess her and agreed to the contract or the questionnaire, them for malpractice. The one thing you DON'T do is let these ... I can't think of a term strong enough for them.... people ever get their hands on Elizabeth ever again. (GRRRR—I need to take a break—I am so pissed off right now it isn't even remotely funny!)

One has to wonder if this is true.... [Link] It sounds so far out it just MIGHT be true—who'd believe it without the back-up?

The Turkish head of the physics department at Bilecik University, who proposed to revive the Nazi death camps, a month later was awarded a fund to sponsor his research from Turkey's state scientific institute.

Obama's "best bud," his most favorite and most trusted ally. This is who the current President of the United States stands with.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Isn't it lovely—our Vice Idiot-In-Chief wants another high-profile person murdered in order to advance his agenda. [Link]

On October 10 Vice President Joe Biden spoke at a memorial for the late Jim Brady and said the gun control movement needs another high-profile victim who is well-spoken in order to succeed.

Brady, who was President Ronald Reagan's Press Secretary, was shot and wounded during the March 30, 1981 attempt on Reagan's life.

According to The Washington Times, Biden stressed that the push for more gun control is not over and said he prays a new voice for the gun control movement emerges soon:

What we need is another Jim Brady, who has the skill and the ability to convince those who are afraid, who walks the halls of Congress, to step up and do what they know is right. One will come along. It will happen. I pray God it is sooner rather than later.

CNN reported that Biden also said "seventy-five percent of the American people" agree with the push for more gun control.

Any god who answers his prayer is not a god to worship. Maybe he can get the Allah of ISIL/ISIS on board with it. HE can arrange a lot of victims.

'Tis Time, lads and lasses, to be ending this rant in our usual way....... but in an unusual way. Our guest Quote of the Week Provider will be Paul K, another brother I've never met, who sent me this (long) batch. What the hell—I'm not wasting paper here! Be advised—he cannot accurately attribute all of them, but he's done the best he can. He has also provided commentary to explain them, and I shall leave that in place.

'I had a liberal colleague giving me grief about guns and that gunowners are crazy, so I just put the question to her—if someone handed you a loaded gun, what would you do with it? She said "I'd look for someone to shoot". I told her "That's the difference between me and you—I'd be looking to be sure it was pointed toward a safe place. You're the one that needs professional help, not me."' —Martin Fischer, Conestoga College (on the blog)

"Whenever we can, we follow the law"—John Koskinen, IRSCommissioner (quoted in WSJ 9/19/2014)

"Remember, 84% of all statistics are made up on the spot."—Larry the Cable Guy

"Making omelets ain't no fun when the eggs shoot back"—"Illtempered cur", on Joe Huffman's blog(Joe quoted Chuck Michel saying something similar: "No one is going duck hunting when 5 percent of the ducks might shoot back." but that's not nearly as good; for one thing, it introduces hunting into the right to be armed debate, which has nothing to do with hunting.)

"The Constitution is a restraining order against the federal government. I'm not going to say a word about the effectiveness ofrestraining orders against criminals."—Standing Wolf (quoted on JoeHuffman's blog)

"A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country."—Texas Guinan. 19th century American businessman

"Nothing says, "Please don't rape me." like multiple jacketed hollowpoints."—John Fogh, Insights Self Defense Instructor(Microsoft Gun Club Email Folder)("Microsoft Gun Club"? Amazing that such a thing would be permitted to exist. I wonder what would happen if I tried to start a Dell Gun Club—Dell, in spite of being a Texas company, has a victim disarmament policy.)

"A man's rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and thecartridge box. Let no man be kept from the ballot box because of his color. Let no woman be kept from the ballot box because of her sex."—Frederick Douglass, in a speech delivered on 15 November 1867.

"Simpletons assert that America doesn't need armed citizens since it has never had a despot or tyrant for a leader. What they don't realize is that America has never had a despot or tyrant as a leader because American citizens are armed".—Ira Weitzel (??), Dachau survivor.(Elie Wiesel?)(This is one I can't confirm, not by any name. Unfortunate, since it's a good one.)

And that's a wrap for the week.

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