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Number 793, October 19, 2014
Uncompromising advocacy of unfettered Freedom

by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 6 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Jeff Fullerton, Eric Oppen, Neale Osborn, and A.X. Perez

Sauce for the Goose
by L. Neil Smith
Throughout its history, American culture, otherwise a shining beacon of individual liberty, has suppressed the freedom of certain minority groups, among them, homosexuals. Unbelievable physical brutality and evil, repressive, unjust laws characterized this period. In the latter part of the twentieth century, and the early part of the twenty-first, that highly regrettable situation has been turned on its head.

by Tyrone Johnson
What are rights? Where do they come from? There are a few schools of thought about this idea. One view, and the one to which I subscribe, says that rights are intrinsic to human beings by their very nature. In this view, phrases like "unalienable rights" refer to the fact that human rights are part of humanity. Someone can prevent your exercise of your rights through some unjust procedure, but the rights remain your rights.

Situational Awareness Part 2
by MamaLiberty
In part 1, long ago now, I covered the basics of situational awareness in some specific situations, along with some simple drills to help people practice this highly important skill.

'Tis the season for killing Zombies and other Monsters. Here's how to do it, re-visited.
by Neale Osborn
Good evening. It's that time of year, when good little boys and girls should be afraid of the dark. and, since it's MY job to stalk the night, hunting for what hunts YOU, I figured that, as a public service, I should re-visit the methods of hunting zombies and other beasties that hunt you. in a large part, this will consist of re-printing my two seminal works on the topics of zombie-killing, and the killing of other SNMs.

The High Frontier: My Cup of Tea
by Jeff Fullerton
Had a few more good belly laughs and raised spirit this week when I discovered a cheesy video about the "Tea Party Space Invaders" this week. Perhaps a little dated and not very well done but if you can bear with it a little while there are some enlightening insights to be had.

A Matter of Princely Pull
by L. Neil Smith
Years ago, I wrote an article called "Live As You Vote" in which I suggested, for example, that only those who want higher taxes should pay them, and only those who want sugary drinks forbidden should be denied them. Those who oppose smoking, but don't have the cojones to quit and want to substitute the law for character will be forbidden to buy tobacco products. Obviously, only gun control advocates should be disarmed, which would result in cofiscation of a suprising number of guns.

Justification for use of 9-mm for Law Enforcement Partners
by FBI Training Division: FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
Rarely in law enforcement does a topic stir a more passionate debate than the choice of handgun caliber made by a law enforcement organization. Many voice their opinions by repeating the old adage "bigger is better" while others have "heard of this one time" where a smaller caliber failed and a larger caliber "would have performed much better." Some even subscribe to the belief that a caliber exists which will provide a "one shot stop." It has been stated, "Decisions on ammunition selection are particularly difficult because many of the pertinent issues related to handguns and ammunition are firmly rooted in myth and folklore." This still holds as true today as it did when originally stated 20 years ago.

Neale's Gun Rant for 10-19-2014
by Neale Osborn
We are all between a rock and a hard place right now. Ebola is coming.... Hell, it's here! Now, what to do about it. Common sense would tell us to stop people from areas where Ebola is an epidemic from coming to our shores. With the porous southern border (hell, KIDS walk over it all the time) what's the point? So what do we do? Don't ask ME, I don't have a clue what will work. But taking the temperature of people (1 in 8 Ebola patients never spike a fever), asking if they have diarrhea (1 in 3 don't get it) or vomiting (ditto) or feeling fatigued or loss of appetite (1 in 4 don't get fatigue or loss of appetite) so what will work? Got an idea? Lemme know!

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 299
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 299 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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Exposing War Crimes is NOT a crime!
Free Bradley Manning
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best tablet

This was one of THOSE weeks. Yes, work on my septic tank and plumbing system came to $1,200. I broke open the piggy bank and found therein $550. Perpetual payments loom.... And maybe there will be $2,500 of additional repairs, or maybe not. "So it goes...."

I wanted to reprint a splendid article by Sean Gabb called "How to Learn Greek and Latin". However, for some reason I couldn't get the Greek letters to show up in my texteditor. I could have labourously entered each one using the character entity codes ("α" or "α" renders as Greek "α" for example) but that's a lot work for an old man.

I learned Greek in college, 45 or 50 years ago. A couple of weeks ago I got out my textbook for the classes with the notion of re-learning it. After all, I learned it once before, so how hard could it be? Well, I must say that book was the most complicated incomprehensible thing I've ever looked into. I learned all that stuff? Wow, I used to be a lot smarter than I am now!

Excuse me while I go shed a tear for my lost youth and brain-power.

Moving on to more cheerful topics, we find:

Donations Now Accepted To Repeal The Machinegun Ban!

Now there are a multitude of lawsuits out there trying to take down the Hughes Amendment (the actual clause of the 1986 FOPA that forbids the registration of new machine guns for civilians). Overnight, a simple funding request has ballooned from nothing to nearly $25,000 of the $50,000 estimated to cover court costs. It began on, and the legal team on this effort is now accepting donations for the upcoming lawsuits. At least three lawsuits in different states will be filed immediately against the ATF:

[More here]

Donations can be made here:

In the event that the registry is reopened, machine guns would plummet in price from $20,000 for an M16, to just a few hundred bucks for a converted full auto lower!



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