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Number 794, October 26, 2014

Governments on this planet are operated solely
by the most evil, stupid, and insane among us,
That's the final sad result, the last, ironic
reward, of democracy, plain and simple.

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Patience Hell—I'm Gonna Kill Something!
by L. Neil Smith

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Joseph Biden may be the unintentional court jester of the Barack Hussein Ebola administration, but he said something the other day that bears contemplation. The victim-disarmament movement, he said, needs another Jim Brady, another high-profile shooting victim to re-energize the political effort to strip us all of our right to the means of self-defense.

More than 30 years ago, I first compared that movement, and its gumps and gremlins, to vultures on a cactus, waiting for someone -- even one of their own number—to die in a manner they can make hay from. Ayn Rand could have predicted this sick, obscene, sacrificial policy. And now, King of Klowns Biden has just agreeably confirmed my view.

What's more, the socialists who call themselves Democrats have demonstrated that they're not above creating such atrocities in order to get their point across, The number of questions left unanswered in the event known as the Sandy Hook Shootings outnumbers the supposed victims, and it could well be that the highly photogenic event is just as phony as the Tonkin Gulf Incident was, used to start the War in Vietnam.

Which is why I have proposed from time to time, that any employee of the government, at any level, who lies to any member of the public, or keeps secrets from them, be subjected to the death penalty. Believe me, I am as completely serious about this as I can be. As history has amply demonstrated over and over again, government lies and secrets kill.

By the millions.

All of this is especially pertinant as Bolshevik Barry's evil schemes mature. His policies, for example, with regard to disease "control" make perfect sense. They are aimed at controlling the country through the CDC, FEMA, and martial law. They are guaranteed to result in the cruel deaths of millions of Americans, which is just dandy with Obama: he and those closest to him believe that Mother Earth needs about six billion fewer peasants. And the crisis can be used as an excuse to seize absolute power. I have wanted to write about this at length, book length, to name names, and expose the death movement's history, but I have not yet found the support required.

I will continue to look around.

Meanwhile, expect some spectacular assassination, which will be exploited to advance the totalitarian cause of victim disarmament, And don't expect it to be spontaneous or random: it will be done at the behest of those of Biden's mind-set, by a mental-health zombie they created and have been saving up for the occasion. See The Parallax View or Telefon. The association between such violent events and psychodrugs or electroshock has never been investigated thoroughly because it gives the lie to demands for further restrictions on weapons.

Privately-owned firearms in America, perhaps as many as seven hundred fifty million (750,000,000) of them, "of modern design and in good working order" represent an obstacle to Obama's ambitions of the most serious kind. Do not expect any cessation in the strident demands for gun confiscation from him, his vice, and their associates until they have been thrown where they belong, on the garbage-heap of history.

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