"They Hate Our Freedom"
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Number 794, October 26, 2014
Governments on this planet are operated solely
by the most evil, stupid, and insane among us,
That's the final sad result, the last, ironic
reward, of democracy, plain and simple.

No Funny Moves!
No Funny Moves!
by Rex May


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 6 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Jim Woosley, Neale Osborn, Jeff Fullerton, A.X. Perez, Tyrone Johnson, and Terence James Mason

"They Hate Our Freedom"
by L. Neil Smith
It's extremely important to know who your real enemies are. They are not always who or what you think they are. Not knowing can get you killed—or worse, enslaved.

Freedom Demands Better People!
by Adam Kokesh
Many people, despite our evolved state and position as the dominant species on our little spaceship Earth, live their lives like animals. We have given a myriad of opportunities made available by the "evolutionary brain explosion" and still, many people CHOOSE (due in part to social conditioning) to use only a fraction of the 10% of our brains we supposedly use. While it would be arrogant to say that libertarians have ALL the answers, we do have something valuable to share that seems to go in line with the general intellectual approach shared by most of us.

Patience Hell—I'm Gonna Kill Something!
by L. Neil Smith
Joseph Biden may be the unintentional court jester of the Barack Hussein Ebola administration, but he said something the other day that bears contemplation. The victim-disarmament movement, he said, needs another Jim Brady, another high-profile shooting victim to re-energize the political effort to strip us all of our right to the means of self-defense.

Neale's Gun Rant for 10-26-2014
by Neale Osborn
In NYC, we have yet another Ebola case—another doctor who followed ALL the protocols and still got infected. Sometimes, I think it might be better if I agreed with Tom Kratman. But, as he knows, I don't. Mostly.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 300
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 300 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act


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I see we will publish issue number 800 on Pearl Harbor Day. How about that.

And in this issue is Number 300 of our "Atlantea the Beautiful". How about that.

Well, now, we have:


First, the good news: despite the best efforts of a hostile universe, I am alive and relatively well. I had a stroke on June 28, and spent the next four endless months in various facilities, recuperating and rehabilitating. I am continuing treatment at home. Initially paralyzed on my left side, I can now walk, and am slowly regaining use of my left hand.

And the gooder news: Brian Wilson, the great voice of Libertarianism on the radio, has begun recoerding an audio version of my award-winning Down With Power. We'll keep you posted.

I cannot adequately express my thanks to the many individuals who helped me and my family while I was ill. I will never forget you.

L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise

A note from Terence James Mason:
If you give up your right to self defense, you no longer have a right to live. You no longer have a right to liberty. You only have the "privilege" of living at the pleasure of whomever took your right to self defense. You are a serf, living at the pleasure of the feudal lord to whom you swore fealty.

What it is all about, explained by a lefty:

A Lefty Explains What the Election Is All About
by John Hinderaker
Rob Stein is the founder of the Democracy Alliance, an umbrella a group that organizes the funding of left-wing causes by rich liberals and interest groups. In "The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado" by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer, at page 7, Stein explains candidly what politics is all about for the Left:

"The reason it is so important to control government is because government is the source of enormous power," Stein continued. "One president in this country, when he or she takes office, appoints...5,000 people to run a bureaucracy, nonmilitary nonpostal service of 2 million people, who hire 10 million outside outsource contractors— a workforce of 12 million people—that spends $3 trillion a year. That number is larger than the gross domestic product of all but four countries on the face of the earth."

"So the reason we're doing what we're doing...and the way we get progressive change, is to control government," Stein said. "That's what this is about."

This will to power explains why the Left, a clear minority among Americans, consistently punches above its weight, politically.

Glenn Reynolds once commented on the seeming paradox of liberals who are terrified at the prospect that libertarians might take power and leave them alone. Actually, liberals probably do want to be left alone; they just don't have any intention of leaving you alone. Liberals hunger for power so that they can enrich themselves, in many cases, but more generally, so they can remake the world according to their own preferences. This doesn't mean that they will have to change, but it does mean that you will have to change. As long as liberals' hunger for power is stronger than conservatives' desire to be left in peace, the Left will continue to dominate our public life.
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For example, the Feds want censorship, and want it now:

Dems on FEC move to regulate Internet campaigns, blogs, Drudge
by Paul Bedard
In a surprise move late Friday, a key Democrat on the Federal Election Commission called for burdensome new rules on Internet-based campaigning, prompting the Republican chairman to warn that Democrats want to regulate online political sites and even news media like the Drudge Report.

Democratic FEC Vice Chair Ann M. Ravel announced plans to begin the process to win regulations on Internet-based campaigns and videos, currently free from most of the FEC's rules. "A reexamination of the commission's approach to the internet and other emerging technologies is long over due," she said.

The power play followed a deadlocked 3-3 vote on whether an Ohio anti-President Obama Internet campaign featuring two videos violated FEC rules when it did not report its finances or offer a disclosure on the ads. The ads were placed for free on YouTube and were not paid advertising.

Under a 2006 FEC rule, free political videos and advocacy sites have been free of regulation in a bid to boost voter participation in politics. Only Internet videos that are placed for a fee on websites, such as the Washington Examiner, are regulated just like normal TV ads.
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Aside from the FEC, there is the FTC. We have been advised by one of our affiliates that the First Amendment does not apply to anyone selling anything, and since we feature links selling things, we therefore must notify people buying things that ... well ... things are being sold for which we may get a small payment from the selling thereof. Generally speaking nobody ever buys anyting from our links, I don't know why I bother going to the motions, but a feller has to have some sort of hobby, right? Um... anyway see the FTC Disclosure Policy: found here.
(Note: this is a 2,359,896-byte 53-page PDF file!—Warning from the Federal Bandwidth Commissiioonn (not really)). And yes, I'm making fun of them by doing this. You knew that. Wait... is it illegal to make fun of the Feds?

When all three banches of our government are corrupt, what are we to do? Is it possible then to do anything at all? When the election process is corrupted how are we to "clean house" or "throw the rascals out" or apply other traditional remedies? When the corrupt have backed us into a corner, or down a blind alley, and now stand off sneering at us, what can we do?

What say you, reader?

And finally, a double-barrel pump shotgun. Er... a what???: double-barrel pump

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