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Number 797, November 16, 2014

Ignorance is no longer an excuse

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Twice now the dance troupe at the high school where I work has performed a somewhat jingoist routine to honor American soldiers and military service. Normally this is not something to be mentioned in TLE or to the ODD fellows, as we are not a militaristic bunch. However, there have been reports of service men not being allowed on school campus in uniform for fear of offending people, or of openly displaying their patriotism in areas with a high Latino population for fear of appearing racist. However, in Latino majority El Paso, patriotism is politically correct, and in a city whose main economic activity is the military supporting our armed forces is cool.

Secondly, it is worth noting that the majority of those condemning American patriotism have no particular love of American liberty, viewing love of liberty as passe. They are driven by the search for a benign despot who will replace Uncle Sam with a sugar teat Auntie Samantha.

I know the kids where I work. The most of them love freedom, and they love America, Their names may be Jimenez instead of Jameson, but they think more like the descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry than a lot of "old family" Americans.

Some of my non-Hispanic correspondents have expressed concern that Latinos can be assimilated or grow to love American liberty. Some have expressed concerned that young people are being brainwashed to forget their love of America and American freedom. I am taking the time to write this to assure you that there is a solid core of kids, both non-Hispanic and Hispanic who love both America and American freedom.

BTW, The dance routine is good.

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