An Excerpt from Taflak Lysandra
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Number 798, November 23, 2014
There is no one in charge.
There are only lies.

Rose Eveleth, professional Offended Person.
Rose Eveleth, professional Offended Person.
from phantomsoapbox


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 6 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Manuel Miles, A.X Perez, and Neale Osborn

An Excerpt from Taflak Lysandra
by L. Neil Smith
This novel was first published 26 years ago and is about to be reissued—like Brightsuit MacBear—by my friends at Phoenix Pick. It is the second part of a "young reader" series of seven books I'd planned to evoke the spirit of the Robert A. Heinlein "juveniles" all of us '46ers grew up on. The difference is that, while these books stand on their own, together they tell an eighth, overall story. The original publisher lost interest after two books, but I've now been given the go-ahead on the remaining five. So if you're looking for a good, principled, but exciting book to give your kids, you grandkids, your nieces and nephews this holiday season, full of new ideas and colorful characters, look no further than Taflak Lysandra or Brightsuit MacBear, both available in paperback or electronic format from Amazon and places like that. And remember, there's more to come.

No One Is In Charge Here
by Tyrone Johnson
Is someone in charge of your life, someone other than you? If so, why do you allow that situation to persist? Are you forced to obey, or do you obey because you don't want to make trouble? And if your freedom is important to you, why not make trouble? There are those who claim that the government is in charge of you. After all, there are consequences for disobedience. If you don't obey the rules, if you don't pay your taxes, if you don't shuffle along in mindless support of the system, things can go very hard for you.

Interstellar: A Movie Review
by Jeff Fullerton
The new film Interstellar which debuted about a week ago has been the subject many reviews already most of which sounded bad and my perception of Hollywood science fiction has always been influenced by something my former mentor Big Bob said about SF being a form of propaganda to warn people about the perils of destroying the world with atomic wars or environmental pollution. Something I kind of was aware of already then and have continued to experience since. Like Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov who had me sold for a while on the idea that we needed global unity to prevent nuclear war and pool resources to reach the stars ala Star Trek! But then as it became obvious that the actual movers and shakers had no intention of ever taking us there and I started getting into the hard SF of Heinlein and Niven and a few Jerry Pournelle editorials that suggested maybe we should flat out reject and rebel against the dystopian world view and policies of the Malthusian Left.

The Federal Reserve Embezzles $4 Billion from the U.S. Government—Daily
by Olde Reb
A popular concept is that the government will "borrow" from the Federal Reserve for deficit spending. This involves giving a Treasury security (bill, bond, or note) to the Fed as collateral and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will credit an account of the government in the amount of the security. The government will then buy military goods, fund social programs, pay government salaries, etc. with the book entry money.

NY Police Caught Stealing Guns from Dead Americans
by Geoffrey Pike
The police in Buffalo, New York are planning to pay a visit to the estates of people who die. But this will only apply to a certain class of citizens—pistol permit holders. Unfortunately, the police will not be paying a visit to offer their condolences to family members of the deceased.

She'd be my Grandfather
by A.X. Perez
This is not a statement of support for our "Blessed Leader". (As you know, "Barack" literally means" Blessed".) Nor is it a statement of support or condemnation of the policies announced by him on Thursday 20 November 2014. Nor at this time do I wish to comment on America's existing immigration laws and policies.

Living the Satus Quo
(The trouble with right-wing arguments)

by Cathy L.Z. Smith
I've been away for a while. Life has made demands that have limited the amount of time and energy I have for engaging in, or even paying much attention to, the endless, ever-never-changing swirl of political crises that define life in 21st Century America.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 304
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 304 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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The "Architect of Obama Care" says voters are too stupid to decide for themselves:

[link to YouTube]

Aren't we fortunate to have such benevolent busy- bodies to lord it over us. Yes. Yes.

Here's anoth one of 'em:

[Voters are] "a vacillating crowd of human children who are constantly wavering between one idea and another. (...) The great majority of a nation is so feminine in its character and outlook that its thought and conduct are ruled by sentiment rather than by sober reasoning."
—Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Did I say "yes" above? I meant No.

The picture of Rose Eveleth above takes us back to Shirtgate:

The woman who made Mankind's first comet landing all about her.
by The Phantom

Her name is Rose Eveleth, she works for The Atlantic magazine, apparently. This is her Twitter feed She was offended, simply Offended I tell you, over The Shirt.

Dear Rose, fuck off.
Read more

Well said.

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