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Number 799, November 30, 2014

You Republicans talk about freedom all the time,
but you want freedom properly licensed, complete
with photo ID. Gentlemen, you can't license
freedom. You're either free or you are not.

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Reference Points
by A.X. Perez

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Regarding how the Economy is doing:

As per Median US income in 2000 was $28,788. In 2014 it is $28,583. Not much of a drop, until you compare prices for insurance, gasoline, taxes and so on. Gone up a bit, haven't they?

The US population has risen just under 30 million or so, the number of employed Americans has dropped some 7 meg.

This is absurd, even with NAFTA and every other Global trade agreement we should be creating jobs so fast that we should be having trouble recruiting enough workers, not sweating whether Jesus, Juan, and Maria are trying to sneak in illegally.

The 2007 Recession is not over for most of us. (Don't look at me, I got my extra hours cut and my insurance raised so drastically I'm still taking home less than I did in 2008, which is when most Americans felt the blow.)

Check the FBI's statistics: there were fewer murders in 2013 than 2012. There were also fewer justifiable homicides by civilians. There was an increase in "clean kills" by police however. Some really were justifiable homicides (Hey. fugitives from Michigan should not start gun fights with the El Paso PD and the US border Patrol.). Others are a bit more questionable (shooting a man with his hands handcuffed behind his back just looks wrong no matter how crazy he is from juicing.). I'm just picking hometown examples.

Maybe this is foolish, but these facts and the statistics that spell them out should inform the debates on gun law, crime and punishment, the need to militarize police forces, and so on.

Just some things to consider in our national dialogue.

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