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L. Neil Smith's
Number 801, December 14, 2014

Every culture that discourages or discounts
gun ownership is a culture where women are
trained to be sacrificed to violent men.

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Letters to the Editor

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Cop Cameras

Re: "Letter from Kent McManigal"

These days, "battery life" and "I forgot" are bullshit excuses.

Cop cameras should be turned on at roll call, and function verified before they leave roll call. They should be on and recording the entire shift, and deactivated and dumped to a public server at the end of watch.

Yes, public server. You shouldn't have to file a FOIL to see this. Everything our taxes pay for should be open and subject to public scrutiny at will.

Frank Ney

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Rex May
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Re: "Letter from Kent McManigal"

Concerning Kent McManigal's letter:

I would not expect cops to ever carry a functioning camera. Foxes, chicken coop.

I think there might be a market for a personal alibi system. A nearly microscopic camera on your person, with a cellular link to an alibi archive, preferably stored on a server that is completely outside of your legal jurisdiction, with the contents encrypted under your own pass phrase. Activate it if you feel threatened. Or run it 24/7, if the cops in your area are particularly jackbooted.

If you or your heirs need it, the video is available to use in court, or blast out on youtube or liveleak, etc.

Best regards,

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List of Companies to Patronize

10 Right Wing Companies That Every Progressive Should Boycott at "Liberals Unite, the 24-hyour news magazine for discerning liberals"

Jim Woosley

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[ Some years ago through an unfortunate series of unfortunate events we unfortunately lost our domain and had to get a new one, viz, to wit: which we now use. Ownership of the domain name has passed around and now these guys have it and will give it back to us for $175! Well... that's okay, we'll continue to do without it.—Editor ]
your domains and backorders club
09 Dec 2014

Dear Ken Holder,

This is in regards to the domain name NCC-1776.COM you submitted an offer on with our company. The minimum offer we can accept for this domain name is 175.00.

If you would like to raise your offer, please follow the link in the original e-mail you submitted it in. Or you may either e-mail us or reach us directly at 1.407.476.2655 and we will be happy to help you.

1.407.476.2655 x100
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[ My "offer" was thay should give it back to me!—Editor ]


Lone Star Alert

If you live in Texas remember to get after your state legislators to support the following bills.

HB 195 is the Holy Grail of gun right bills this year. It for Constitutional Carry of not only guns but also clubs and all size and styles of knives. Unless you are carrying weapons while or for the purpose of committing a crime this bill will abolish the laws banning people in Texas from carry handguns openly or concealed without having a license.

HB 164 is a decent second prize, it recognizes the right of possessors of CCL's to carry openly. Consider this a decent baby step towards Constitutional carry. When the time comes remember to write your legislators to support both bills. Incoming Governor Abbott has promised to sign either or both bills.

If it gets introduced support any bill reserving to the state the power to legislate regarding knives.

There are about a half dozen bills guaranteeing 2nd Amendment rights in the Lone Star State and a couple harming them coming up this year. Write your state legislators about these and others you have good reason to support or oppose.

Do the same in other states. Consider it part of "opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people." in our build up towards the next American Revolution and part of our due diligence in keeping this a peaceful one.

A.X. Perez

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