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Number 814, March 22, 2015

I don't know exactly what it is, but there
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March Milestones: The Joys of Spring & Government
by Jeff Fullerton

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With Norseman's Hell in full retreat it is time for a thread change.
Mid March is the time things start waking up outside as well as in the greenhouse and opening the ponds. A milestone for the arrival of spring.

Had a fun trip down memory lane with the pics from the album of my early hobby days of pond and turtles and other pets I no longer have. Need to put together a really comprehensive one from later pics taken thru the years. Then I have a really good legacy and a guide book for fine tuning the current setups.

Which I am beginning to do in ernest once more with final plant orders for spring and tying up loose ends from last season that were left undone when winter was closing in. With the state inspection on my old Ford due to run out the end of the month I decided to try to get as much as possible done with it before hand on the assumption that the mechanic will discover some major problem that will require fixing in order to pass —and April is a financially tight month between taxes and other bills. In the event I might have to put it on the back burner—it would be a good thing to get the 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank I had on layaway and the material for another turtle pen here on the property beforehand.

To keep a long story short—that dreaded unexpected expense was discovered when I was hauling my new tank home from layaway at Rural King Friday evening and the brakes started going soft. Managed to get it home safely but the course is pretty much set for now.

The truck and whatever else I hoped to do with it is on the back burner but at least I have my tub plus another on layaway which will keep until I can afford to get it. Which is not bad considering where I've been before. Especially this time of year.

These are the Joys of Spring and Government.

Will have a clearer picture once I get the taxes figured. Went to get the forms when I was out to drop my mail at the package store and get stamps. Unfortunately Uncle Slam is getting stingy with the tax forms—not distributing them to libraries and post offices anymore because they want us to do it online. Will have to either get Bruce the Historian to print me some or do it at work come Monday. I stopped up at the Chateau to see him after that. He was there working on his quad which was down pretty much all winter because the forward winch needed a new switch.

I helped him with that and played with the dog who kept coming around with his rope toy trying to get me to play tug of war because he keeps holding onto it when I try to take it to throw. So them I ignore him and Bruce says to Sporticus : that's what you get for not playing nice. I walked around and took some pics of the furnace which we decided to dub "Burns Alot" in place of "Burn Rite"! as it eats a lot more wood than mine. We are both happy it is getting close to the end of the line for dealing with winter. I tell him about my ordeal yesterday and the consigning of things to the back burner and he says "you know what it is like to be poor" that kind of dovetails something Ray just said in an email about populism and the middle class and union types. We talked a little politics about the upcoming elections. Scott Walker is a maybe. So far better than another Bush or Clinton or the "Huckle Bee" who is apparently going to run; AGAIN! Bruce is not to thrilled about him either. Says he's too much of a populist who appeals to the religious right. Which brings to mind the fact that they are pet issue driven as it pertains to religious values and convictions and need a constant reminder to the dangers of the fact that any government big enough to address their pet religious issues is also big enough to infringe on THEIR OWN religious freedom (and everyone else's) whenever the other party gets in power.

Bruce tells it pretty much like it is; that the "Huckle Bee" is just another politician and our patience with all of them is really starting to wear thin. We're all getting burnt out with it and just want to cut loose and do our own thing. Like taking care of our own personal issues and hobbies and such. Getting tired of both the looter politicians and the pet issue people and even the republicans who won't do anything about Obama's unconstitutional power grabs—because they are for the same kind of big government shenanigans and fancy themselves cashing in on it one day when they are back in power just like Mr Obama was able to cash in on the police state he inherited from George W. Bush! The same police state that invades privacy and commits atrocities financed by debt heaped on the backs of American taxpayers present and future—of which Obama as Senator used to complain endlessly about and labeled "unpatriotic" but was no longer a problem once he became president. And the cycle remains unbroken and will likely continue on long after he is gone from office.

Getting rid of Obama doesn't solve the problem either because he didn't create the system. It created him. He's just the byproduct thereof and there are too many more like him waiting in the winds to take over when he leaves office.

Didn't get into it that deep with the Historian because he already knows.

His major frustration of the day was trying to find a half inch bit to make a hole in the housing of the electronics on the steering hub to mount the replacement switch to keep it out of the weather. He is as badly in need of reorganization of tools and fittings as I am. Guess there's good reason to call it the Redneck Chateau!

Thought about riding along with him to get something but running out of daylight which finally had gotten pleasant late day—I passed.

Back home now taking a break to type this. Then get out and take care of many things in need of taking care of. In addition to more tidying up—I can try dipping Ray some fish he wanted and install the bulkhead on the new tub.

As for the other issues it remains pretty much like that last State of the Union and maybe future ones and future presidents: like that clear day when you can see Bulgaria; but do you really care enough to look?

He said "Never buy a Polaris—but maybe his outlook is better now that the toggle replaced and the winch we unjammed are working again.

The "Burnrite" —sic "Burn Wrong" as I dubbed it—before Bruce said "Burn More"! At least it's burning a little less and easier to keep up with like mine—now that 50 degree days are becoming more the norm.

The big red pickup beside the big red shipping container that serves as a storage shed. Note the faded DWP sticker on the front bumper. Doesn't get more Country Class than that!

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