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L. Neil Smith's
Number 814, March 22, 2015

I don't know exactly what it is, but there
is something in democracy that selects for
the very worst in humanity: the craziest,
the most stupid, and the most evil.

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Hillary, Outside the Box
by L.Neil Smith

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I have a cat named Strider. He's a handsome fellow, some variation on a Russian Blue, reasonably bright, extremely clean, a game fighter, and highly affectionate when it suits him. There's just this one small problem ...

He uses a catbox to pee in, thank heavens, but when it comes to the other, he leaves his deposit beside it, a few inches away, scratching industriously, if ineffectually, at the hardwood floor and nearby wall. The smell of course, is horrific, and spreads throughout our little house at supersonic speeds. It appears that Strider was taken from his mother too soon, before she could teach him to cover up properly.

I confess, I don't know anything at all about Hillary Clinton's mother, but it's apparent that she made the same kind of mistake, bringing up her daughter. I fact, I'm having difficulty understanding why everybody is so upset at the former First Lady's most recent capers.

The first thing we heard about her was her quasi-legal activities with the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas; she was the outfit's "rainmaker" responsible for bringing wealthy clients in who wanted to be protected by someone this close to the Governor. Then there were the questionable "investments" she made, which returned far more than is normal or natural, and appear to have been a means of paying her off.

Almost from the minute that husband Bill became governor, the Clintons began leaving a trail of dead bodies behind them, sort of like my cat. These were people who might have helped them once, but had now become, apparently, inconvenient. Almost as soon as Bill became President, his deputy counsel and Hillary's former partner at Rose, Vincent Foster, was dead, and Bill's hideous Attorney General was murdering helpless women and children at Waco. Just enter the phrase "Clinton Body Count" in your search engine, and you'll be told that the phrase occurs 3,990,000 times on the World Wide Web. It's no damn wonder that Hillary hates the Internet, and longs to see it destroyed.

The Internet was also the means by which the stories of Bill, or as I came to call him, Caligulito, when I wasn't calling him Waco Willie, various women he dallied with or raped, and Hillary began to be known. Her job was handling "bimbo eruptions" when they threatened Bill's hold on power. Hillary is so enamored of power, that she was wiling to undertake this humiliating duty in the name of holding on to it.

A lot of individuals will do almost anything for fame or wealth. Hillary has shown what she is willing to do for reflected political power. I can guarantee that my own wife, who possesses enormous self-respect, wouldn't have. Very likely I wouldn't be alive right now. Without doubt, Hillary was planning to slide into power on her own account, but Barack Obama came along and shattered her plans. Now she's old, tired, and possibly sick. Between being caught trying to manage her own public record, and the bloody mess of Benghazi, the edifice of her tenure as Secretary of State, has already begun to crumble.

If only her mother had taught her to cover up better.

I should add somewhere here that I owe the idea of thinking about catboxes and politicians' messes together (notice I avoided saying "in the same breath") to Denver talk host Peter Boyles. Look him up. He has a cat he talks about named Blanket with whom he watches movies on TV.

You hear all the time that the Clintons think they're above the law. I strongly disagree. I just think they're stupid—and like lots of liberals, stupidly assume that everybody else is just as stupid as they are. They don't bother to cover up because they believe that the lives they ruin are unimportant. A big step in growing up is realizing that other people are real. Neither one of the Clintons ever got that far.

I don't know exactly what it is, but there is something in democracy that selects for the very worst in humanity: the craziest, the most stupid, and the most evil. Look at Obama. It was obvious what he was from the beginning. Look at Carter. Unless Americans begin electing people with the manners of a well-trained housecat, we are doomed.

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