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Number 814, March 22, 2015
I don't know exactly what it is, but there
is something in democracy that selects for
the very worst in humanity: the craziest,
the most stupid, and the most evil.

Tweeted a chirp
Tweeted a chirp
by Rex May

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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
A cyberpamphlet by L. Neil Smith


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez, T.J. Mason, and Tor Chantara

By What Right?
by L. Neil Smith
I seem to have developed a habit of asking questions that nobody wants to answer. At least a decade ago, maybe longer, I asked—mostly of conservatives—think of Hadrian's Wall, think of the Great Wall of China; think of the walls of Rome; failures all. Nobody ever slowed the movement of great masses of people across the face of the planet; if America is being flooded by an unstoppable tsunami of immigrants, why not accept it, resign yourself to the inevitable, and use your finite resources more intelligently, to create institutions dedicated specifically to absorbing those immigrants into the genuine, historical American mainstream, so they won't all automatically vote Democrat? Ten years, and I never got a answer.

HTML, CSS, Drupal, WordPress: Twenty Years of Progress
by Sean Gabb
I built my first website in November 1995. It was just after the launch of Windows 95 and the first version of Netscape. For three years, I had been about half a dozen steps behind the cutting edge of the IT Revolution. It had been a matter of sending and receiving e-mails in raw Unix, and then in crude software packages with names like Elm and Pine, and of using a system called Gopher to download texts in atrociously-edited Latin or smutty, though often monochrome, jpeg files.

Salon and Silencers
A Rifles and Reason Presentation

by SeaWolf
I love what I do for Rifles and Reason. I'm passionate about firearms and gun rights, and I love putting this information out to you guys so you can use it, either to share with others, or to learn something yourselves. A lot of the debunking we do is people who are just misinformed, or ignorant. It's not necessarily an antagonistic process. Then there's Salon. I'd call it my personal white whale, but that would imply some long standing rivalry and or competition, but this is a battle of wits and I refuse to fight an unarmed opponent... normally. For those not familiar with the website I would compare them to the notorious Russian propaganda engine Pravda, but that would be an insult to both propaganda and fiction. Managing to both be woefully uninformed AND completely sold on every piece of bullshit anti-gun propaganda you've ever heard of isn't new, I'm sure at least one of those "special" individuals is going to be in the comments section asap, they rarely have the size of platform that Salon does... for some reason. Does anyone actually know what the original purpose of this... was it a magazine? whatever this collection of dross is, is for? Regardless, we press on to spin the wheel of scary things that we should all panic about according to the anti-gun media! Today's winning subject? Suppressors!

March Milestones: The Joys of Spring & Government
by Jeff Fullerton
With Norseman's Hell in full retreat it is time for a thread change. Mid March is the time things start waking up outside as well as in the greenhouse and opening the ponds. A milestone for the arrival of spring. Had a fun trip down memory lane with the pics from the album of my early hobby days of pond and turtles and other pets I no longer have. Need to put together a really comprehensive one from later pics taken thru the years. Then I have a really good legacy and a guide book for fine tuning the current setups.

Hillary, Outside the Box
by L. Neil Smith
I have a cat named Strider. He's a handsome fellow, some variation on a Russian Blue, reasonably bright, extremely clean, a game fighter, and highly affectionate when it suits him. There's just this one small problem ...

Neale's Gun Rant for 3-22-2015
by Neale Osborn
We're starting the Rant. So what happens next? Ayup! Mama Liberty speaks! This time, the topic is gun laws, New Jersey, and some statistics. Sorry, trick question. Of course, all "gun laws" go too far. And, for the record, that has almost nothing to do with the "second amendment" or safety or reducing actual violent crime.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 320
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 320 of a weekly cartoon series.

Nullification Act

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EDITORIAL MATTERS - wholesale from China factory

Once again into the spray! Or however that old saying goes.

Our Mr. Smith asks that question selected as this issues Motto, "I don't know exactly what it is, but there is something in democracy that selects for the very worst in humanity: the craziest, the most stupid, and the most evil." The answer, the what-it-is, the something is just that us normal people do not want to run things. We would rather do something important, something fun, something rewarding, something that enriches our lives. This is why the "left" ("progressive," "activist," "busy-body") people end up running things. They don't have lives, apart from their "left-ness" or whatever we want to call it.

They end up on all the committees, too. Normal people have no interest in the interpersonal fighting and politicking that committee members engage in. (The amount of time committee members spend working against each other is vastly greater than the time spent on whatever the committee is supposed to be doing.) Normal people gain no pleasure from dominance games. Normal people have important things to do, whereas being President or Governor is simply not important to sane, normal people. So normal people end up not running things, while the freaks end up in charge. How about that.

"Well, wait," you say. "If I was President (Senator, Governor), I would change things!" Don't make me laugh. The President (Senator, Governor) can not change anything. Can change nothing. Noth-ing! Except to make things worse, of course. They can't fix anything, but they can make things worse. You know that. Worse!

Anyway, welcome to issue number 814. Began reading now.

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