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L. Neil Smith's
Number 818, April 19, 2015

The difference between libertarianism and every other
social or political philosophy is its answer to the
question "Who owns your life?" Everything else flows
naturally from the answer to that question.

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A Serious Question

If someone is making bombs, and you are certain that they are not planning to clear stumps, at what point can you take action under the Zero Aggression Principle?

Jim Woosley

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US DoJ declares our book FREEDOM! a "threat"


We've always known that government considers the message of FREEDOM! a threat, but now it's official:

Freedom Not Allowed

What do you think we should do in response? We could appeal, but I'm not sure that I disagree that FREEDOM! is a threat to the security, good order, and discipline of "the institution." In fact, it's a threat to the ENTIRE INSTITUTION OF GOVERNMENT! If anything, this motivates me all the more to make sure we get a copy to every inmate in America even if we have to send them in one page at a time.

Maybe they'll try to ban this book altogether. Maybe they'll turn America into one big prison and say you can't have FREEDOM! anywhere! Maybe if you've read FREEDOM!, they won't let you in jail!

Thanks to everyone who voted in response to our last email! Here is the winner! We'll have another vote as soon as we sell enough of this design to order more. Get yours here.

Defend Freedom

See you on the road soon!


Adam Kokesh

PS FREEDOM! is only possible with your continued support. Will you make a monthly commitment to the cause? Will you share the message with 30 people? Will you win 5 converts? Will you get 100 people to download the audiobook? If you're better at making money than talking to people, can you support those who are doing the unglamorous but all the more important and satisfying work of freeing minds one at a time with a monthly donation? You can make a deductible contribution at our non-profit's website at

PPS Here's that video I mentioned. It's really getting around!

The war comes home (veteran pulled over by a tank in FL)

The Freedom Line | 866-612-3359 | |
2060 D E. Avenida De Las Plantas
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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I Was Ahead Of The Vatican On This One

Vatican: Warning Issued Against 'Beautiful Young Vampires'

L. Neil Smith

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