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Number 821, May 10, 2015

What we learned so very painfully
in the 1960s mustn't be in vain.

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The Purple Shaft
by L.Neil Smith

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As you may already know by now, the United States military is planning an exercise across the American southwest, from southern California to southern Texas, ostensibly, say the handouts, for the purpose of training its troops in the practice of "urban warfare". It has been stage-named, surrealistically—and somewhat phallically—enough, by its apologists "Operation Jade Helm" and by whatever name, it begs the question what the bloody hell is the government preparing for?

The U.S. invasion of Tehran?

The U.S. re-invasion of Baghdad?

The U.S. suppression of Constitutionalists in Dumas, Texas?

The operation has aroused suspicions across the affected area, so that Greg Abbot, the Governor of Texas, is ordering the State Guard to shadow U.S. operations in a state that still remembers the Alamo, as well as Goliad, scene of another massacre of Texicans by the uniformed thugs of El Presidente Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. They had a field piece the pocket Napoleon didn't want them to have. The first Texican flag consequently displayed this cannon, and the slogan "Come and Get It"

Now Jade Helm might be an acceptable undertaking, if it were occurring during the relatively benign era of, say, President Dwight David Eisenhower. But following, as it does, 1) on the heels of repeated overt and underhanded attempts by the Marxist regime of Barack Hussein Obama (including 2) Eric Holder's crooked and murderous "Operation Fast and Furious") to disarm the American populace, to 3) destroy the Bill of Rights and with it, 4) the greatest economy worldwide, to purchase for DHS 5) billions of rounds of ammunition, and 6) thousands of plastic coffins, to undertake 7) the virtual rape of medicine that is Obamacare, to 8) bludgeon the dollar, to 9) continuously and wistfully sigh over raising taxes, to 10) loot and 11) defame genuine achievers, to 12) destroy whole industries, and to 13) blatantly seize and censor the Internet, it is more than a little smellworthy.

Even if this operation were perfectly innocent, its timing is incredibly stupid. The country is a political tinderbox, and has been since the first Bush Administration. This is not the day, the month or the year to send the Army marching up the hill and down the hill again. The same media-ocrities who have been criticizing Pamela Gellar for courageously encouraging individuals to exercise their rights under the First Amendment, apparently see nothing wrong with this provocation. Others would say that, politically, Obama is wearing his miniskirt too short and tight and clearly deserves whatever happens to him.

In all honesty, I don't know what is going to happen, nor does anybody else on the side of individual liberty. I'd be a lot more worried, if this were going on up north, in the real geography of latterday rebellion, Montana and Idaho. However, if you take nothing else from this essay, take this: just the idea that a military coup is not even in the slightest unthinkable today is highly terrifying and a big greasy stain on the fancy dress clothes of the Democratic Party. They got us into this mess; it is their duty, under an oath they took, to get this creepy little garden slug in hand and replace him with somebody among their number (if such exists) who actually respects the highest law of the land. They did it once with Lyndon Johnson.

I hurry to reassure you that I am not talking about Joseph Biden, or about John Boehner, who looks just like the son that Obama never had.

As for the rest of us, if you are an ordinary citizen, your job is to resist, to say "No!" to each edict the imperial storm troopers issue.

If you're like me, an elderly (how it hurts to say that!) writer, use what you have and what you do to bring an end to this insanity. It won't hurt you to keep you powder dry, if you can see and pull a trigger.

If you're a young civilian, spoil their game whenever you can. When you see them, expose their location to the entire world, then run.

In general, let every politician within range of your keyboard know this is unacceptable, and you and your friends are looking into recalls.

We must restore the Posse comitatus. There must be no more military operations in the United States. All federal agencies and agents must be immediately disarmed. We must make it clear that American troops will not be permitted to threaten us with weapons we paid for, to steal our guns and ammunition, or our food, or our freedom and dignity.

If you're already a G.I. you may be a part of the problem. Don't be. Members of the Oath Keepers can tell you what to do to protect and defend your fellow Americans. You are committed to obey only legal orders. Ask this tinpot President why he's so damned willing—eager, in fact—to use your body as a trigger to set off a bloody civil war.

Forget about flowers down the gun barrels: if you happen to live in Colorado, and are braver than I am, offer the occupying soldiers dope. What we learned so very painfully in the 1960s mustn't be in vain.

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