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Number 822, May 17, 2015

Maybe they're just stupid

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Re: "Melissa Explains It All" by L. Neil Smith

I fail to see how hunting violent religious extremists over bait is somehow immoral behavior. Hell, they even let them fire first ... way too sporting, if you ask me.

Oh, and this is the art that should have won the Garland TX competition:

Shoulda Been The Winner?

Best regards,

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Re: "The Purple Shaft" by L. Neil Smith

To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing 'The Purple Shaft'. Frankly, I was taken a bit aback that the issue of Jade Helm 15 took so long to appear in these pages, but I should have known that El Neil was on the case.

The operation, the motto of which is, "Master the Human Domain" (and if that doesn't give you a chill, you'd better check your pulse), is purportedly an exercise to train US military Special Operations forces in techniques for infiltrating a civilian environment. American forces infiltrating American cities—wow, what a challenge. I'm afraid that training to infiltrate Dallas will have little use when trying to infiltrate Damascus or Donetsk, but it will come in really handy when trying to infiltrate—Dallas.

Consider the military mantra of 'Train as You Fight', then ask yourself why US forces are training to infiltrate American cities. This question becomes especially urgent when seen in the light of an exercise earlier this year in Ft. Lauderdale, FL where military forces practiced rounding up and interning 'dissidents' in the middle of the night.

And just who does the DHS (or perhaps we should call it the SHD for sicherheitsdienst* in honor of the language of the originators of the concept) consider the most imminent threat to the country today? Documents show that it is not Al Qaeda, not ISIS, but you and I, patriotic, Constitution-respecting, gun-owning Americans.

If residents of the Southwest are able to confront this operation with the spirit of manly resistance, it may serve to head off even more dangerous Fe(de)ral government meddling in the daily lives of Americans. If instead it is greeted with the usual somnolence of the populace, it will open the door to ever-greater trespasses on our Liberties.

Bob Gibson

*Security Service

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Encrypted Prayers—The Music Video is now on YouTube

YouTube Logo

Encrypted Prayers—The Music Video
Music by Chris McGraw
Lyrics by J. Neil Schulman
Performed by Sleep Rebellion
is now on YouTube.

Encrypted Prayers

J. Neil Schulman

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Texas News

Texas open carry, state preemption of knife laws, and removal of all knife restrictions are all in the Senate and progressing nicely. Interestingly, there is no bill legalizing the carrying of clubs (billies, saps, tonfas, nunchuks, expanding batons, tomahawks, etc.). Except for 'hawks and maces, all of the rest are considered "less than lethal" by PDD's.

Riot police with batons against crowds armed with assegai and gladii. Interesting thought. For once the law requires civilians to be better armed than the cops.

A,X, Perez

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