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Number 825, June 14, 2015

Political Power: Too much of every day
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It Never Ends
by Jeff Fullerton

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While many of us are busy living and working, the government busybodies and their fellow travelers in the green movement have also been busy hatching more schemes to infringe on your freedom and as usual—to paraphrase the Younger Pitt: Necessity is the Plea!

In our latest conversational thread in which my friend Ray and I have discussing the threats to our interests as hobbyists involved in the husbandry of fish, reptiles and other live goods we have been chewing on the issue of invasive species which according to this article could make the Endangered Species Act look like a Sunday picnic. [Link]

He sent me this link Saturday and another one detailing some of the flaws in the assumption that non-indigenous species are all bad and must be eliminated at all costs. Which will be a futile as any other war the government has declared on anything. [Link]

That and something called a White List that would require extensive and expensive testing to prove any organism is safe and would grant patent rights to species. Something definitely rotten there.

I am hoping to write a more comprehensive editorial pertaining to these matters but I've been working a lot of overtime lately in addition to my usual pursuits and projects. In the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to just get the word out—life being too short and uncertain as it is because these are very serious matters that more people besides me and a few friends should be chewing on. Like many things—the bugaboos about invasive species—which in some situations can be serious problems—has been widely overblown and we are likely to sacrifice a lot of sweat and treasure along with our personal happiness to address someone's pet issues which many are hoping to cash in on in the way of cornering wealth and power by cornering control over natural resources.

Like it or not—the worst is yet to come.

And it's the Swarms of Officers that will be sent to harass us and eat our sustenance more so than the invasive weeds and pests that we ought to worry about.

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